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 (vī-ăt′ĭ-kəm, vē-)
n. pl. vi·at·i·ca (-kə) or vi·at·i·cums
1. Ecclesiastical The Eucharist given to a dying person or one in danger of death.
2. A supply of provisions for a journey.

[Late Latin viāticum, from Latin, traveling provisions, from neuter of viāticus, viatic; see viatical.]


n, pl -ca (-kə) or -cums
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity Holy Communion as administered to a person dying or in danger of death
2. rare provisions or a travel allowance for a journey
[C16: from Latin, from viāticus belonging to a journey, from viāre to travel, from via way]


(vaɪˈæt ɪ kəm, vi-)

n., pl. -ca (-kə), -cums.
1. the Eucharist or Communion as given to a person dying or in danger of death.
2. (among the ancient Romans) a travel allowance, in the form of supplies or money, given to a servant or public official.
3. money or necessities for any journey.
[1555–65; < Latin; compare voyage]


the Eucharist given to one about to die; last rites or extreme unction. — viatic, viatical, adj.
See also: Death
the Eucharist given to one about to die; last rites or extreme unction. — viatic, viatical, adj.
See also: Christianity


[vaɪˈætɪkəm] N (viaticums or viatica (pl)) [vaɪˈætɪkə]viático m
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Then, strengthening himself with the heavenly viaticum,* he prepared for the entrance into another life, and asked how near the time was when the brothers were to be awakened to sing the nocturnal praises of our Lord.
During the consoling ceremony of the Viaticum, celebrated for one who had never sinned, but to whom the Church on earth was bidding a last farewell, there were signs of real sorrow on most of the rough faces of the gathering, and tears flowed over the rugged cheeks that sun and wind and labor in the fields had tanned and wrinkled.
La conclusion de todo este analisis es que indudablemente las interpretaciones pueden ser diversas: desde ofrendas para el difunto, a monedas que pudieron tener un especial significado para el fallecido, o que respondieran al concepto de pars pro toto o bien al de viaticum en su sentido mas amplio pudiendo llegar a actuar como talismanes.
She was thanking him for the recovery of her son after he administered the oil of viaticum.
It's the family wanting anointing and viaticum for their child or parent.
001,v-c viaticum constancia,v-l series without clearance viaticum,1-d1 receipt of contributions etc.
Thus, outlines Conroy, "Juliana Chafloque, at the age of ninety, with the last of her strength made her first confession, received Viaticum as her first Holy Communion, was confirmed, married and anointed, all in less than an hour" (20).
worn out with persecution, poverty, and largely consequent, disease, in the effort to hand on to us small boys the Faith, and remember the tiny bedroom she shared with us in rented rooms in a postman's cottage at Rednal, where she died alone, too ill for viaticum, I find it very hard and bitter, when my children stray away [from the Church].
Un proceso vital sobre los sentidos, el ingenio, la memoria y la razon que Tournai apoyo en cinco pilares: el Fedon de Platon, las obras psicologicas de san Agustin, el De memoria et reminiscentia de Aristoteles, el Itinerarium mentis in Deum de san Buenaventura y, por ultimo, en la psicobiologia de los Comentarios de Averroes al De memoria de Aristoteles, en el Compendium de anima de Avicena y en el Viaticum de Constantino el Africano, referentes que le sirvieron para entender al hombre como una unidad psicofisica en armonia con la naturaleza y para afirmar que el conocimiento del bien y la verdad se alcanzan por la iluminacion de la luz increada que habita en el interior del hombre desde el momento de su creacion.
It happened only when they received the Viaticum and in the few communions they participated throughout their lives (1).
The "signifier" remained the isomorphic correlate of the "signified", the viaticum of content, in the form of minimal units of meaning, substantial features, etc.
The poet's words serve as a species of bread, bread which he now offers his father as a kind of viaticum.