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Noun1.viaticus - purchasing insurance policies for cash from terminally ill policy holders
buying, purchasing - the act of buying; "buying and selling fill their days"; "shrewd purchasing requires considerable knowledge"
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They are an undetermined species of Aphididae with 45.6% for (N = 247 individuals), Cataglyphis viaticus with 10.7% for (N = 58 individuals), Tapinoma nigerrimum with 6.3% for (N = 34 individuals), an undetermined species sp.
"Viaticus" is a Latin adjective denoting something in relation to a journey.
so Constantine in his Viaticus repeated what Orpheus said about the
* Viaticus division of CAN--a policy buyer
"Client service is a key component to the success of our business," says David Holeman, CIO at Viaticus, a user of the Lucent Technologies Unified Messenger product.
According to Gary Choades of Viaticus, a large viatical settlement company, some states are letting the market determine the pricing range for viatical settlements, instead of setting the minimum payments as suggested in the NAIC Models.
Gasper, Esq., is an attorney with Washington Counsel, PC and outside tax advisor to Viaticus, Inc.