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a. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity: the vibrant streets of a big city.
b. Vigorous, lively, and vital: "a vibrant group that challenged the ... system" (Philip Taubman).
2. Exhibiting or characterized by rapid, rhythmic movement back and forth or to and fro; vibrating.
3. Produced as a result of vibration; resonant or resounding: vibrant voices.
4. Relatively high on the scale of brightness: a vibrant hue.

vi′bran·cy, vi′brance n.
vi′brant·ly adv.


a less common word for vibrancy
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Curtis' other toiletries efforts include expanding Degree antiperspirant into a four-item deodorant line plus major activity across its four hair care brands: Suave, Finesse, Salon Selectives and Vibrance.
Summary: New footwear label will be exhibiting at the Vibrance Festive Glamour event this week
The VIBRANCE COLLECTION custom paint finishes line by PPG Industries has been expanded with the launch of the DSC5250 DITZFER Satin Clear Kit.
From well established enterprises employing thousands of staff, to fledgling firms in their first year of operation - all are playing a massive part in the economic vibrance of our region.
At its best, the show was a treat for her most ardent fans who knew her more obscure recordings track by track and, at worst, it was a bottom-heavy show which lacked the vibrance to keep more transient fans interested.
Also hit was Curtis' Vibrance, which started a new ad campaign this summer that positions the brand directly against Pantene with an emphasis on vitamin formulas and a copy line saying, "Make it strong on the inside.
The look was achieved using DELTRON products including K38 High Build Primer Surfacer, DBC 2000 Basecoat, DMD1696 Coarse Silver Dollar Aluminum and DMD650 Sparkle Aluminum Toners, and DCU2021 Urethane Clear, along with several VIBRANCE COLLECTION custom blue candy tints.
PPG exhibits at all national and many regional Goodguys events, displaying the latest products, the hottest colors and custom tones, and unique pigments and special-effect finishes available in the Envirobase High Performance, VIBRANCE COLLECTION and Deltron product lines and in other PPG brands.
And then use the new battery powered Venus Vibrance, with built in "soothing vibrations", pounds 8.
began leveraging the strong brand image being built for its Vibrance shampoo and conditioner into the hairstyling and hair spray segments.