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a. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity: the vibrant streets of a big city.
b. Vigorous, lively, and vital: "a vibrant group that challenged the ... system" (Philip Taubman).
2. Exhibiting or characterized by rapid, rhythmic movement back and forth or to and fro; vibrating.
3. Produced as a result of vibration; resonant or resounding: vibrant voices.
4. Relatively high on the scale of brightness: a vibrant hue.

vi′bran·cy, vi′brance n.
vi′brant·ly adv.


[ˈvaɪbrəntli] adv
vibrantly coloured → aux couleurs éclatantes
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The video, which features leading lady Hareem Farooq, who is also the film's co-producer, being wooed by Usman Mukhtar while she has dreams of Ali Rehman Khan, is already making waves, thanks also to the vibrantly colourful sets and an equally jazzy choreography.
Tayfield includes the tallest beech tree recorded in Scotland (39 metres) and Willowhill is an evolving three-acre garden with vibrantly coloured mixed borders, bulb borders and a stepped terrace of alpines leading to a wildlife pond in grassland.
You can find out the answers to these and many other questions in this book, vibrantly designed to appeal to visual learners.
I wanted to paint the colours of the poppies boldly and vibrantly, hopefully emphasising that the poppy is a symbol of remembrance, but also one of hope for the future.
Marco Goecke's Woke up Blind full of angular shapes, arms moving vibrantly and couples frantically interacting, shows off the dancers' flexibility.
He added: "I want viewers to see these subjects as vibrantly unique and dynamic humans being human.
Clinique's new 4-product Pep-Start Skincare franchise, in vibrantly colored packaging, is a collection of convenient, easy-to-use products that provides instant, energizing benefits to the skin, leaving it prepped for makeup and the day ahead.
Warm lighting and materials like rosewood, Italian travertine marble and brass provide a backdrop for the brand's vibrantly colored bags, shoes and leather accessories.
This is the first of four denominations released into circulation that will all carry the Kinegram volume stripe--a photopolymer Lippmann-type Kinegram for banknotes The stripes unique look with vibrantly coloured bold designs is due to the proprietary Kinegram origination process, which is used in combination with physical principles and materials entirely different from typical holographic foils.
Boost your health by branching out into dark, leafy greens (such as spinach and kale) and other vibrantly colored vegetables, including carrots, yellow and red bell peppers, peas, green beans, winter squash, and sweet potatoes.
The emphasis was categorically made on media outlets and journalists to highlight this issue more vibrantly to sensitize the policy makers on this challenge.
Aslam Abro said that the PML-N Sindh will fully and vibrantly contest the local government elections in the province.