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a. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity: the vibrant streets of a big city.
b. Vigorous, lively, and vital: "a vibrant group that challenged the ... system" (Philip Taubman).
2. Exhibiting or characterized by rapid, rhythmic movement back and forth or to and fro; vibrating.
3. Produced as a result of vibration; resonant or resounding: vibrant voices.
4. Relatively high on the scale of brightness: a vibrant hue.

vi′bran·cy, vi′brance n.
vi′brant·ly adv.
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[ˈvaɪbrəntli] adv
vibrantly coloured → aux couleurs éclatantes
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He said the Prime Minister in his address made it clear that if OIC does not act vibrantly, it will force Muslims to lose faith on this organization.
Meanwhile, the Petroleum Division said appointments in the BoDs had been made on merit and through a transparent manner with an objective to transform the public sector organizations into profit-earning entities so that they could contribute to national exchequer vibrantly.
Talented Airdrie amateur photographer Curtis Shorter treated the Advertiser to a vibrantly visual start to 2019 with these eye-catching snaps.
Summary: Making the impossible possible, Hublot Creates the first Vibrantly Coloured Ceramic.
4 N.B - 10 THINGS TO MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WEEK The hot list 12 THE BIG INTERVIEW JAMIE LEE CURTIS The Hollywood icon is back in another instalment of Halloween - she talks scary films, ageing vibrantly, and turning 60 next month 17 REAL LIFE The Kingdom Choir - who were such a hit at Harry and Meghan's wedding - tell their story 21 IS IT WINE O'CLOCK YET?
She said, We vibrantly highlighted the issue of missing person all over the Sindh." We also held many protests against enforced disappearances in Hyderabad and Karachi," Sindhu added.
'This does not include other projects that were vibrantly growing in other areas in Johor, which would also offer employment opportunities to the locals.'
It was pleasant and easy to stroll through the pages on the extra wide screen of my desktop computer--New York's stunning outdoors came even more vibrantly alive.
The video, which features leading lady Hareem Farooq, who is also the film's co-producer, being wooed by Usman Mukhtar while she has dreams of Ali Rehman Khan, is already making waves, thanks also to the vibrantly colourful sets and an equally jazzy choreography.
Tayfield includes the tallest beech tree recorded in Scotland (39 metres) and Willowhill is an evolving three-acre garden with vibrantly coloured mixed borders, bulb borders and a stepped terrace of alpines leading to a wildlife pond in grassland.
You can find out the answers to these and many other questions in this book, vibrantly designed to appeal to visual learners.
"I wanted to paint the colours of the poppies boldly and vibrantly, hopefully emphasising that the poppy is a symbol of remembrance, but also one of hope for the future."