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A percussion instrument similar to a marimba but having metal bars and rotating disks in the resonators to produce a vibrato. Also called vibraharp.

[Latin vibrāre, to shake; see vibrate + -phone.]

vi′bra·phon′ist n.
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Noun1.vibraphonist - a musician who plays the vibraphonevibraphonist - a musician who plays the vibraphone
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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For example, Mann albums marked some of the earliest appearances of such luminaries as pianist Chick Corea, bassist Miroslav Vitous, vibraphonist Roy Ayers, and guitarist Sonny Sharrock.
Over the years, the festival has hosted any number of renowned performers both local (Greece-based jazz musician Andreas Georgiou, and talented vibraphonist Greek Christos Raphaelides) and international (Belgian Michael Blass, German group FizFuz, HadarNoiberg from Israel, and Don Barta of the Czech Republic, to name a few).
Peteris Sokolovskis, a Russian-born Latvian cellist, Lithuanian violinist Agata Daraskaite, and Ukrainian vibraphonist Andrei Pushkarov visited Wattaya School, ABA, the French School of Muscat, and the Oud Hobbyists Association.
During Shasta Middle School's performance of "Over the Rainbow," he asked the guitarist to play his solo softer so the audience also could hear the vibraphonist, who played along with him.
Other headline artists include Ben Crosland's Threeway with guest, rising star vibraphonist Lewis Wright; virtuoso trio Troyka, which includes Mercury Prize-nominated organist Kit Downes; Partisans, playing richly lyrical and strongly melodic music from their new album 'Swamp'; 11-piece barrio funk and Latin soul band Bugalu Foundation; and rich, progressive arrange-ments from the Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley Nonet.
In the early 1960s, he again led his own big bands featuring such musicians as trumpeters Snooky Young and Carmell Jones, saxophonist Bud Shank and Teddy Edwards, guitarist Joe Pass, and vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson.
Some of the more unique occupations are naval architect (with a female worker pictured), K-9 officer, ringmaster, skateboarder, vibraphonist (featuring a black performer), wedding singer and xenologist.
Half a pack of Marlboros and a few beers later, the public propelled itself back upstairs to enjoy the mostly acoustic sounds of the northeast European quartet The Pitch (clarinettist Michael Thieke, Boris Baltschun on harmona, vibraphonist Morten J.
But my host preferred to query me regarding his eccentric acquaintance, wondering about Linde's skills as a jazz vibraphonist, his grandiose drinking habits, and his collaborations with Marcel Duchamp.
With his work sampled by artists such as Ice Cube and Erykah Badu, jazz vocalist and vibraphonist Roy Ayers has been an inspiration to generations of musicians worldwide.
This is a biography of Latin jazz vibraphonist, pianist, and percussionist Cal Tjader (1925-1982) which has been written in order to raise his profile and "to enlighten a new generation of musicians and music lovers about one of its founding fathers.
On Saturday there is a full programme which ranges from street entertainment to youthful jazz from students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, from intimate acoustic trios like Andy Sheppard's Trio Libero to dance-friendly funk jazz from vibraphonist Roy Ayers.