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A person appointed by a ruler or head of state to act as an administrative deputy.

[Medieval Latin vicegerēns, vicegerent- : Latin vice, ablative of *vix, change; see vice3 + Latin gerēns, governing; see gerent.]

vice·ge′ral (-jîr′əl) adj.
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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person appointed to exercise all or some of the authority of another, esp the administrative powers of a ruler; deputy
2. (Roman Catholic Church) RC Church the Pope or any other representative of God or Christ on earth, such as a bishop
invested with or characterized by delegated authority
[C16: from New Latin vicegerēns, from vice3 + Latin gerere to manage]
ˌviceˈgeral adj
ˌviceˈgerency n
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(vaɪsˈdʒɪər ənt)

an officer appointed to serve as a deputy, esp. to a sovereign or supreme chief.
[1530–40; < New Latin vicegerent-, s. of vicegerēns managing instead of = Latin vice (see vice3) + gerēns, present participle of gerere to carry on, conduct]
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Noun1.vicegerent - someone appointed by a ruler as an administrative deputy
surrogate, deputy - a person appointed to represent or act on behalf of others
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References in classic literature ?
Few things seemed to Newland Archer more awful than an offence against "Taste," that far-off divinity of whom "Form" was the mere visible representative and vicegerent. Madame Olenska's pale and serious face appealed to his fancy as suited to the occasion and to her unhappy situation; but the way her dress (which had no tucker) sloped away from her thin shoulders shocked and troubled him.
whom but thee Vicegerent Son, to thee I have transferr'd All Judgement, whether in Heav'n, or Earth; or Hell.
As Allah's vicegerent, man must accept higher responsibility and deliver the trust (amanah).
Behold your Lord said to the angels: 'I will create a vicegerent on earth.' They said 'Will you place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?
God has declared humankind as His vicegerent on earth: He takes pride in his creations, but humans continue to commit actions that go against the requirement of such a role.
This world is created by Allah so that everything in this world is in the absolute ownership of Allah and a man is designated as a vicegerent (Khalifah) on earth which means that a man must utilize the resources as a trustee and live in this world according to the commandments of Allah.
It does not cease reminding the individual that within this corporeal, earthly frame there is a celestial light, a sacred fire, and a Divine breath that can raise him to the exalted station of being God's vicegerent.
These are Khalifa (vicegerent), Iqrah (education), Shurah (consultation), the halal lifestyle, and tahara (cleanliness).
However, humanity is considered as successor or vicegerent of God.
The reign of Oba Adesoji Aderemi represented the true African celebration of the vicegerent of the gods as a promoter of tradition and cultural heritage.
(49) He briefly explains that this mysterious correspondence is alluded to in the Quranic description of man as a "vicegerent" (khalifa) of Allah (e.g., 38:26) and in a few other verses and Prophetic traditions of an anthropomorphic nature.
Allah has power over all things.' 'Since human beings are declared as the vicegerent of Allah, their responsibility towards His creation is delicate and demanding.