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Of or relating to a viceroy.

vice·re′gal·ly adv.
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1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to a viceroy or his or her viceroyalty
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) chiefly Austral and NZ of or relating to a governor or governor general
ˌviceˈregally adv
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(vaɪsˈri gəl)

of or pertaining to a viceroy.
vice•re′gal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.viceregal - of or relating to a viceroy; "the viceregal visit"
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Archer contemplated with awe the two slender faded figures, seated side by side in a kind of viceregal rigidity, mouthpieces of some remote ancestral authority which fate compelled them to wield, when they would so much rather have lived in simplicity and seclusion, digging invisible weeds out of the perfect lawns of Skuytercliff, and playing Patience together in the evenings.
Bobby received his orders on returning from a dance at Viceregal Lodge, where he had but only the Haverley girl knows what Bobby had said or how many waltzes he had claimed for the next ball.
That evening, at dinner in the big Viceregal tent, he stood up with the badge and the collar of the Order on his breast, and replying to the toast of his master's health, made a speech few Englishmen could have bettered.
(5) In the face of growing tide of innuendo concerning the lack of discrimination governing entree to Government House, FitzRoy was forced to defend his guest list at the 1847 Queen' s Birthday Ball by pointing out that the cost of the entertainment was defrayed by himself, Rollo Gillespie, Viceregal quarters, Sydney, 1975, p.
In the process, however, he undermines the messianic rhetoric that underwrote the discourses of the conquest and legitimized the colonial regime of viceregal Peru.
One approach to this problem has been to make a distinction between the 'formal' and the 'informal' empire--the one including the areas directly under Portuguese Crown or viceregal control and the other grouping together all the other manifestations of Portuguese influence.
The fact that Sir Isaac Isaacs performed his viceregal duties between 1931 and 1936 with probity and impartiality should at least help reassure those whose heart-in the words of a number of Convention delegates--`says yes, but head says no' to the idea of direct election.
Lima itself was the viceregal capital, and it was there, after months of travel across the Isthmus and down the Pacific coast, that Sarria's son, also named Juan, delivered the remaining forty-five crates of his father's shipment to their associate in June 1606.
It later became the object of accusations, of a viceregal inquiry and a trial.
The center of all this wealth and power was the viceregal capital of Lima, where viceroys of the 16th and 17th centuries ruled over most of Spanish South America.
Younghusband, both as a traveller and as an officer in the Indian Army, was one of the key players in the "Great Game" between Britain and Russia for influence in Central Asia.(9) Writing to Younghusband from the Viceregal Lodge in Simla in July 1899, Curzon raised the question of a British attempt on Everest.
This means imagining as well the viceregal court, the decaying aristocracy, the ruined palace of the bishop, medicine and the slave trade in an eighteenthcentury port city, and the Spanish Inquisition.