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Noun1.viceroyship - the position of viceroy
berth, billet, post, situation, position, office, place, spot - a job in an organization; "he occupied a post in the treasury"
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I embarked in March, 1622, in the same fleet with the Count Vidigueira, on whom the king had conferred the viceroyship of the Indies, then vacant by the resignation of Alfonso Noronha, whose unsuccessful voyage in the foregoing year had been the occasion of the loss of Ormus, which being by the miscarriage of that fleet deprived of the succours necessary for its defence, was taken by the Persians and English.
In the following notes, the author attempts to gather dispersed in formation about the Fagoagas, who are one of the main families of the 18th Century New Spain elite as well as a key to get to know business and relations of power in Mexico during the Viceroyship.
Curzon remembered tangling with Prime Minister Balfour fifteen years before, and losing his Viceroyship of India as a result.