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a. A limited region around a particular area; a vicinity.
b. A number of places situated near each other and considered as a group.
2. The residents of a particular neighborhood.
3. The state of living in a neighborhood; proximity.

[Middle English vesinage, from Old French, from vesin, neighboring, from Latin vīcīnus; see vicinity.]
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1. the residents of a particular neighbourhood
2. a less common word for vicinity
[C14: from Old French vicenage, from vicin neighbouring, from Latin vīcīnus; see vicinity]
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(ˈvɪs ə nɪdʒ)

1. the region near or about a place; vicinity.
2. a particular neighborhood or district, or the people belonging to it.
3. proximity.
[1275–1325; Middle English vesinage < Old French, =vesin near]
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References in classic literature ?
Yes--just one of your tricks: not to send for a carriage, and come clattering over street and road like a common mortal, but to steal into the vicinage of your home along with twilight, just as if you were a dream or a shade.
That other reason was the fact that the morning's meet was near Batherley, the market-town where the unhappy woman lived, whose image became more odious to him every day; and to his thought the whole vicinage was haunted by her.
It terminates (the lane I mean) in a valley full of wood; which wood--chiefly oak and beech--spreads shadowy about the vicinage of a very old mansion, one of the Elizabethan structures, much larger, as well as more antique than Daisy Lane, the property and residence of an individual familiar both to me and to the reader.
The newest attorney for the firm, Daniel Rosenthal, has more than five years of workers' compensation experience, and has appeared before the Division of Compensation in vicinages throughout New Jersey.
In the ten-year journey since the recommendation was adopted, four of the fifteen judicial vicinages--New Jersey is a unified court system, and its twenty-one counties have sixteen judicial vicinages--in the ten years since the recommendation was made, four vicinages have adopted the program.