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1. Of, belonging to, or restricted to a limited area or neighborhood; local.
2. Relating to or being a local road, especially one in ancient Britain.
3. Mineralogy Approximating, resembling, or taking the place of a fundamental crystalline form or face.
4. Chemistry Of or relating to the consecutive positions on a ring or chain of carbon atoms.

[Latin vīcīnālis, from vīcīnus, neighboring; see vicinity.]


1. neighbouring
2. (Human Geography) (esp of roads) of or relating to a locality or neighbourhood
3. (Chemistry) chem relating to or designating two adjacent atoms to which groups are attached in a chain
[C17: from Latin vīcīnālis nearby, from vīcīnus, from vīcus a neighbourhood]


(ˈvɪs ə nl)

1. of, pertaining to, or belonging to a neighborhood or district.
2. adjacent.
3. noting a crystal plane whose position varies very little from that of a fundamental plane of the form.
[1615–25; < Latin vīcīnālis, derivative of vīcīn(us) near; see vicinity]


, vicinity - Vicinal, from Latin vicus, "group of houses," means "of or pertaining to a neighborhood"—hence, vicinity.
See also related terms for houses.
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Adj.1.vicinal - belonging to or limited to a vicinity
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Its excellent activity might be due to the presence of two vicinal methoxy groups which may involve in the free radical stabilization.
Many activities are attributed to anthraquinones found in nature specially their oxidant potential which triggers cellular apoptosis; this effect occurs by intercalation among vicinal nucleotides from DNA, by ionic and Van der Waals interactions with anthraquinones, blocking polymerases and interfering on protein synthesis (Silva et al., 2003; Jampilek, 2016).
Mesmo situada nas proximidades da estrada vicinal MG 220 e do leito da estrada de Ferro Corinto--Diamantina, desativada em 1970, nao foram identificados usos da terra nas adjacencias da turfeira ME entre 1964 e 1984.
Taking into account the hydroxyl groups are shared by the octahedron edges, the presence of divalent or trivalent cations in one or more vicinal octahedron can change the bond energy of the hydroxyl groups in lamellae surface and these aspects were also inferred in above mentioned work [38].
The presence of two oxygenated [sp.sup.2] quaternary carbons was observed at [[delta].sub.C] 144.7 (C-3') and [[delta].sub.C] 144.6 (C-4'), suggesting the vicinal substitution pattern on ring C, in agreement with the ABX multiplicity pattern, where as the methines appear at [[delta].sub.C] 118.5 (C-6') and [[delta].sub.C] 115.1 (C-2', 5').
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Vicinal cryosections of colorectal carcinoma and healthy colon tissue were stained to identify regions with h[A.sub.3]AR expression following a standard protocol.
'The spatial chaos of many of these neighbourhoods, only intelligible to those that lived in them, combined with the relations of vicinal proximity and communitarian spirit...
GUJRANWALA -- A youth from Gujranawala's vicinal village Tatlay Aali has stunned audience by registering 3000 pushups in just 57 minutes.