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1. Of, belonging to, or restricted to a limited area or neighborhood; local.
2. Relating to or being a local road, especially one in ancient Britain.
3. Mineralogy Approximating, resembling, or taking the place of a fundamental crystalline form or face.
4. Chemistry Of or relating to the consecutive positions on a ring or chain of carbon atoms.

[Latin vīcīnālis, from vīcīnus, neighboring; see vicinity.]


1. neighbouring
2. (Human Geography) (esp of roads) of or relating to a locality or neighbourhood
3. (Chemistry) chem relating to or designating two adjacent atoms to which groups are attached in a chain
[C17: from Latin vīcīnālis nearby, from vīcīnus, from vīcus a neighbourhood]


(ˈvɪs ə nl)

1. of, pertaining to, or belonging to a neighborhood or district.
2. adjacent.
3. noting a crystal plane whose position varies very little from that of a fundamental plane of the form.
[1615–25; < Latin vīcīnālis, derivative of vīcīn(us) near; see vicinity]


, vicinity - Vicinal, from Latin vicus, "group of houses," means "of or pertaining to a neighborhood"—hence, vicinity.
See also related terms for houses.
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Adj.1.vicinal - belonging to or limited to a vicinity
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However, the coupling of 1'-H (structure 7') with vicinal 2'[alpha]-H, 2'[beta]-Hand7a'-Haffords a broad multiplatepeak.
Figure 3 shows bond dissociation energies (BDE) for n-butanol C-H and C-C bonds, highlighting the weakening effect of the hydroxyl functional group on vicinal bonds.
GUJRANWALA -- A youth from Gujranawala's vicinal village Tatlay Aali has stunned audience by registering 3000 pushups in just 57 minutes.
Since mucus consists of glycoproteins with oxidizable vicinal diols and/or glycogen, goblet cells were stained as magenta in color with PAS method (Figs.
Its presence is vicinal with the rise and fall of the nations body politic.
The defined specifications for the cell scoring11 include: unimpaired cytoplasm, smooth position of the cell, little or no detritus, smooth and normal nucleus, and little or no overlapping with the vicinal cells.
As mentioned before, the extension with sulfate gives in general rise to a downfield shift of the geminal and vicinal proton signals.
Thus the obtained images from vicinal blur vessels and bright vessels MCI calculation are perfectly shown for each fungus and can exactly calculate the minimum density of desired deterrence rosemary extract.
Specifically, phenolic compounds with two or more vicinal hydroxy benzyl moieties in their structure, such as catechols and pyrogallols, were examined for their ability to give spectral bathochromic shift phenomena when mixed with iron salts.
Solo Classificacao Caracteristica do grupo TRB MCT TRB Material Qualidade Material geral como subleito SL LA' A-4 (1) Solos siltosos Satisfatoria Areias argilosas HA -- A-1-b Fragmentos Excelente -- de pedra, pedregulho e areia Solo Caracteristica do grupo MCT Base Ordem preferencial de uso Vicinal Reforco do Subleito Revestimento subleito compactado primario SL 1 1 1 1 HA -- -- -- -- TABELA 11: Classificacao dos solos como material empregado no pavimento rodoviario.
An inverse case is when the vicinal wavelengths will also contribute extra light to this slit.