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tr.v. vic·tim·ized, vic·tim·iz·ing, vic·tim·iz·es
To make a victim of, especially:
a. To injure or kill.
b. To cheat or defraud.

vic′tim·i·za′tion (-tə-mĭ-zā′shən) n.
vic′tim·iz′er n.
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Noun1.victimizer - a person who victimizes othersvictimizer - a person who victimizes others; "I thought we were partners, not victim and victimizer"
bad person - a person who does harm to others
slave dealer, slave trader, slaver - a person engaged in slave trade
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For though she worked up Miss Crawley to a proper dislike of her disobedient nephew, the invalid had a great hatred and secret terror of her victimizer, and panted to escape from her.
The Cartagena fest's website describes 'Ang Panahon ng Halimaw' as 'a highly complex piece-where each character, victim or victimizer, has time to express himself in songs without music, with lyrics that come and go in a tremendously disturbing repetition.'
In opposite orientalism, Iran is the victimizer and aggressor.
A victim's right to life lives after death; a victimizer's right to life dies with the life of the victimizer's victim.
As for Lowe, he's shifted from victimizer (as Scott Peterson) to victim in Lifetime's fact-based crime category, while still managing to be as creepy as he is in those DirecTV commercials.
(1) Occurrences of abuse present immediate complications for the people nearest to the victim and the victimizer. Congregations are rarely prepared to handle the chaos that the revelation of such acts stirs.
She moves from being a victim to accepting her role as victimizer, from abused to abuser, from manipulated to manipulator, and from abandoned to abandonen This realization is her comingof-age as a woman, and it allows her to move beyond her midlife crisis.
Brown shows how Berrigan and Etty Hillesum, a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps, both refused to submit to the culture of violence--Hillesum as a victim and Berrigan as a victimizer. As Berrigan later tells the editors, "It was very difficult to come home [from Hanoi] with that bag full of horror because I couldn't just dump it somewhere and then go on as usual at Cornell" (p.
Inside the court, the argument was all about article 304 (1) and (2), where the actor's lawyer argued about no intention behind the act, while the prosecution insisted that drinking and driving is as good as murder because the victimizer knows it could be fatal.
Member of Palestinian Center for Human Rights Jaber Weshah also said, "I think with this long blockade there is literally conspiracy of silence from the international community and this is the first time that victims are punished by the victimizer, with this ongoing silence from the international community." Israel has also launched several wars against the besieged Palestinian strip.