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Noun1.victory garden - a kitchen garden planted during wartime to relieve food shortagesvictory garden - a kitchen garden planted during wartime to relieve food shortages
kitchen garden, vegetable garden, vegetable patch - a small garden where vegetables are grown
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Eleanor Roosevelt, despite protests from the Department of Agriculture, even planted a victory garden on the White House lawn.
The community's Victory Garden also benefits from the bees.
to Table as to Fish Fry is as Victory garden as to garden plot is as
And there was the opening of the school's new "grow your own" Victory Garden.
More governmental focus went on maximising the value of the victory garden in the USA, with wide scale training, education, advertising and propaganda schemes organised through the Department of Agriculture's War Food Administration.
I did my part for the war effort by growing a 4-H Victory garden and participating in Boy Scout metal salvage drives.
The victory garden was victorious, not simply for its role in the allied supply chain, but because federal and state governments, industry and local communities were striving to protect one another from harm.
Class act: Walmley Junior School pupils Molly Sheriden and Lucy Hunt, both aged 11, in the prize-winning Dig For Victory garden.
Her mother's family had a plot in a neighbourhood victory garden on the corner of an alley, and the kids had to eat their vegetables or go to bed without supper.
During World Wars I and II, UC Cooperative Extension supported the federal Victory Garden (shown) program in California.
It's in our new wildlife area, we found we had a bit of empty space so we've put the shelter there and we've got a Dig for Victory garden in front of it.
Davis, served four years in the military, she was at home raising a victory garden and her children.

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