video equipment

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: equipment - electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves representing images and soundvideo equipment - electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves representing images and sound
electronic equipment - equipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons (especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor)
television system, television - a telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points
television camera, tv camera, camera - television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam
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The City Of Morgan Hill Is Requesting Proposals From Qualified Vendors For Sewer Video Equipment And Accessories For Its Mobile Video Trailer.
News has emerged that the overall infrastructure of the video equipment market will progressively increase and reach as much as $3.
The subtenant, Video Equipment Rentals, took the entire 1st and 3rd floors in the eight-and-a-half year deal.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - Undercover LAPD officers arrested three burglary suspects early Friday at Madison Junior High School as they loaded speakers, a stereo, video equipment and other items into a vehicle.
Audio and video equipment, for example, jumped almost 211 percent to more than $1.
7million nationwide outlay on new video equipment to pre-record evidence for use in court.
China is financing (donations and "soft credits") to: (a) provide computers, televisions, and video equipment to schools within Cuba; (b) provide computers to all postal facilities; (c) provide computers to computer clubs and (d) provide televisions and video equipment to other "social service" entities.
The DV CODEC maintains a 100% digital communication between digital video equipment and the DV500, as well as providing extremely high quality encoding for analog video.
Tender are invited for Purchase Of It And Video Equipment, Part 1: Procurement Of Equipment, Part 2: Purchase Of Video Equipment
to lease millions of dollars worth of video equipment in exchange for half of the company profits over five years.