video jockey

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video jockey

n. Abbr. VJ
One who announces, plays, and provides commentary on videotaped programs, especially music videos.

video jockey

(Professions) a person who introduces and plays videos, esp of pop songs, on a television programme. Abbreviation: VJ

vid′eo jock`ey

a person who plays and comments on videocassette recordings, as on a music video broadcast. Abbr.: VJ


(ˈvidiəu) plural ˈvideos noun
1. the recording or broadcasting (by means of a video recorder) of television pictures and sound.
2. a videotape.
3. (also video cassette recorder; ~VCR) a machine used for watching or recording television films and programmes on videotape.
to record on a video recorder or videotape. He videoed the television programme on volcanoes.
ˈvideo arcade noun
a place where people can play video games on machines.
ˈvideo camera noun
a camera for shooting video films.
ˈvideo (cassette) recorder noun
see video.
ˈvideo jockey noun
see VJ.
ˈvideotape noun
a magnetic tape for recording video films.
to record a film etc on video.
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New Delhi [India], Jun 18 ( ANI ): Actor, singer, anchor, composer, song-writer, radio jockey, video jockey - Ayushman Khurrana has got many tags attached to his name; Now, another one can be added to the list - teaser.
She was also an MTV video jockey and was under contract with Viva Artists Agency.
Some of the fields which MC graduates can venture into are: public relations, advertising, business communication, graphic communication, intercultural communication, radio/television/digital communication, publishing, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, fashion photography, film direction, TV correspondent, radio jockey, video jockey, radio/TV announcing, reporting, sound engineering, sound mixing and recording, art direction, event organiser/manager, writer and authors, social media manager, photography, cameraman, speech writing, professor, teacher, cartoonist, illustrator, critic, photojournalist, etc.
From the ground, the musicians appear to be seated in the flower while a "video jockey" projects 3-D images onto the white petals to give the appearance that the flower is moving.
Video Jockey turned actor Purab Kohli is likely to participate in the dance reality show "Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa" this season.
Besides being a DJ, Cr\'e8me De La Cr\'e8me, is also a Video Jockey as well as host.
Career: Took up her first role in the industry in the 1990s - as a video jockey on Channel V in India.
Career Rouass took up her first role in the industry in the 1990s - as a video jockey on Channel V in India.
Three years later, he was recruited by one of his clients - music channel MTV - who sent him to Israel to work as a video jockey.
The complainant named a video jockey of a music channel as her kidnapper.
The festival, which will run from September 15 to 20, has been commissioned by the Culture company and will be hosted by 13-piece Liverpool band, Kinetic Fallacy and artists Emma Welsby and Hannah Peel, who will collaborate with filmmakers, Video Jockey's and animators.