video vérité

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video vérité

A television filming or videotaping technique in which the subjects are portrayed with frank, unbiased realism, as for a documentary program.

vid′eo vé•ri•té′

(ˌvɛr ɪˈteɪ; Fr. veɪ riˈteɪ)

a television filming or videotaping technique, derived from cinéma vérité, in which people in real life are portrayed without rehearsal.
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As the title cards on the monitors count down the week, marking off the daily video verite segments, Coble builds on the natural drama of a draining hourglass by contrasting Eldon's increasingly poignant realizations about the value and beauty of life with Gina's death-row narration--describing the means by which our moneygrubber of the week will die.
In prime-time television, for instance, we choose between the law as drama (police patrolling the cities, doctors probing our bodies), as comedy (the middle-class family in sitcoms is disrupted only to be reaffirmed), or as video verite "documentary" (codes of gender and social behavior in "reality" shows are relentlessly policed through peer pressure).
Perez figures video veritE makes for a better online package.
Video verite voyeurism, which he calls "unrehearsed, unscripted moments of real life played out before.
That's what Colin, a 19-year-old Thousand Oaks native and graduate of Westlake High School, figured when he tried out for MTV's ``The Real World,'' the video verite program that throws seven college-age people together in a different location each season.
In broadcast news today, if you want strict objectivity and comprehensiveness - the old journalistic standards - then you'll never beat the round-the-clock video verite of C-Span and CNN.
Studios USA is taking a different tack in launching a do-it-yourself video verite strip, "Free Speech.