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 (vĭd′ē-ō-kŏn′fər-əns, -frəns)
A conference occurring in two or more locations in which the participants communicate by using video equipment, with the content often transmitted by a computer network or over the internet.

vid′e·o·con′fer·enc·ing n.


a conference in which participants in distant locations to take part by means of electronic sound and video communication


(ˈvɪd i oʊˌkɒn fər əns, -frəns)

a teleconference conducted via television equipment.
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The meeting with the subjects in the videoconference mode was conducted by Valery Zhukov, Director of the Department of Melioration of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.
Participating OSYs from Maguindanao and North Cotabato will converge at the Notre Dame University (NDU) gym here, while their counterparts from Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi will congregate at the Western Mindanao State University campus in Zamboanga City for the live videoconference, a US embassy statement emailed to the Manila Bulletin said.
Le choix d'Algerie Telecom de la technologie Polycom proposee par la societe DataBox et ses partenaires locaux en Algerie temoigne du fort savoir-faire et de l'expertise de haut niveau de DataBox dans le domaine des technologies de videoconference et de communications Unifies (UC) du constructeur Polycom, affirme la societe tunisienne.
Instead of traveling to see a sponsor each quarter, you can reduce live meetings to just once a year and videoconference the other three.
Integrated communications provider General Communication Inc (GCI) (Nasdaq:GNCMA) announced on Thursday that on 12 January 2012 Alaska Governor Sean Parnell hosted the first live terrestrial videoconference between Juneau and Bethel's Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation (YKHC).
One party hosts the videoconference and is able to upload images and PDF documents for all participants to discuss, review, and edit.
Providing a videoconference lesson from the teacher's studio directly to the student's home is a very viable alternative.
The figure was announced by Antonio Tajani, commissioner for industry and enterprises, after a videoconference of ministers and state secretaries with responsibility for this sector, on 28 April.
In January 2008 the Port hosted a stakeholders meeting facilitated by Port staff and WSU Extension-Rural Bridges to gauge interest in videoconference facilities in the Chelan/Manson area.
Witnesses have told congressional investigators that the chief of the General Services Administration and a deputy in Karl Rove's political affairs office at the White House joined in a videoconference earlier this year with top GSA political appointees, who discussed ways to help Republican candidates.
Taking advantage of this favorable avenue of instructional opportunity, the Community Education and Outreach Program (COEP) of the NIEHS Center in Molecular Toxicology at Vanderbih University, in conjunction with the university's Center for Science Outreach (CSO), has developed an innovative interactive videoconference teaching program known as "Virtual Scientist in the Classroom.