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 (vĭd′ē-ō-kŏn′fər-əns, -frəns)
A conference occurring in two or more locations in which the participants communicate by using video equipment, with the content often transmitted by a computer network or over the internet.

vid′e·o·con′fer·enc·ing n.


a conference in which participants in distant locations to take part by means of electronic sound and video communication


(ˈvɪd i oʊˌkɒn fər əns, -frəns)

a teleconference conducted via television equipment.
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Second, teachers need to ensure that they have a range of strategies available to facilitate communication in lessons involving synchronous electronic communication (videoconferencing) with students in a school in another country.
distributor of videoconferencing and networking products supply Tely Labs's
These include telephone, facsimile, e-mail, internet connection, and/or videoconferencing systems, all of which connect a client with a care provider (14).
HD Moore, a chief security officer at Boston-based computer security company Rapid7, demonstrated the vulnerability of companies that use videoconferencing equipment by hacking into a dozen companies' conference rooms around the globe.
UK-based communications group BT (LSE:BT.A) said today that its cloud-based videoconferencing now offers full interoperability.
According to the survey, 77% of grade school and university teachers think that more investment in videoconferencing would benefit their students and improve their education, citing the increased impact and engagement with subject matter that videoconferencing encourages.
Videoconferencing also links the Cisco legal team, whether they are working in one of the company's offices or at home.
An application has been submitted to the Bombay High Court seeking its view on whether Waghule can depose before a Pakistani court through videoconferencing and if he can be cross- questioned by lawyers or the Pakistani magistrate during such a deposition, according to a foreign ministry source.
"VidyoConferencing enables CoroWare to offer affordable and scalable HiDef videoconferencing subscription plans to small and large organizations alike," said Marty Hollander, senior vice president of marketing at Vidyo.
The majority of local authorities, colleges, schools and other public bodies in Wales including the Welsh Assembly already have videoconferencing facilities.
The Commission underlined that, in the course of the investigation, it had "identified serious competitive concerns in relation to the market for high-end video conferencing products and video conferencing solutions," and that the divestment requested of Cisco should allow competitors to develop products technically compatible with those of the new world leader in videoconferencing. This operation was jointly reviewed by the US Department of Justice, which indicated that it "will not challenge Cisco Systems' acquisition of Tandberg".
Tetco-Voxpilot Videoconferencing can simultaneously manage different codecs for each participant.