or vid′eo record`er,

an electronic device for recording video signals on magnetic tape or on videodiscs.
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It considers the State's involvement in Videorecorder manufacturing and offers data on the films UPF released on video, but only touches upon the specific nature of logics driving such conduct or their implications.
Shack's Tandy computer, Sony's Betamax videorecorder or
Testuff SaaS (Software as a Service) suite includes: Requirementsmanagement, test cases, test planning and execution, defect reporting, videorecorder and player, time management, integration to all bug trackers andautomation tools and much more.
While the bus has a videorecorder, the equipment was not working, according to Mr.
For two years, Betamax had a virtual monopoly of the videorecorder market, and some seven years later it had been almost entirely displaced by VHS.
And, of course, as his addled father, I have to ask him to come and push the proper sequence of 16 buttons to show what's been recorded on the digital videorecorder (DVR), which costs more per month than basic cable used to cost per year.
The boozy pair spent their time in a smart lounge equipped with satellite TV, two DVD players, a computer, PlayStation, videorecorder and more than 100 CDs, films and games.
Equipment consisted of a Panasonic WBD5100 camera (in the assessment laboratory) connected to a Panasonic AG6300 industrial type videorecorder (in an adjacent room), a Sony PVM1910 monitor, and a Shure M2627 mixer and sound system.
A Panasonic S-VHS videorecorder was mounted on a Brogen tripod (Model 3001), and the recorder was activated as the stimuli were placed on either side of a snake's cage.
Swimming events were recorded with a Cohu Model 4815 camera mounted above the container and a Sony MVO-9500MD Super-VHS videorecorder. The magnification was adjusted so that the container filled the entire field of the video image.