videotape recorder

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vid′eotape record`er

a device for recording television programs on magnetic tape for delayed playback or for storage. Abbr.: VTR
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Each of the four schools equipped with a 5100 videoconferencing system has a 27-inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) television, a videotape recorder and a document camera to further enhance presentations.
The senior policeman, whose identity was withheld, was suspected of setting up a small cordless camera in a women's toilet and connecting it to a videotape recorder in a locker in another room at around 7 a.m.
Cashiers in both offices have easy access to distress devices (panic buttons), which set off an alarm and start a time-lapse videotape recorder.
in Electrical Engineering), helping to develop the electronics used in the first professional videotape recorder introduced back in 1956.
Computer images can be displayed simultaneously on a monitor or sent to a videotape recorder. Flicker filters and genlock/overlay are other features.
One also needs internal or external devices to display the computer version of the tape on a television or export it to a VCR or VTR (videotape recorder).
Sony began to address this need in 1999 with the introduction of the DSR-20MD medical grade DVCAM[TM] videotape recorder. DVCAM, a digital video format developed in the broadcast industry, fit perfectly into the endoscopic environment, as it allowed surgeons to record their procedures digitally, then transfer the images to their computers.
In April 1956, Ampex introduced a commercially viable 900-pound quadraplex videotape recorder using 2-inch-wide tape manufactured by 3M at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (NARTB) Show in Chicago.
* Authoring software, which enables you to transfer images from a VCR to the computer's hard drive; edit those images; put in new titles, special effects, and still images; and then create a videotape master in "playing back" the program you have created from your computer to your videotape recorder.
The Republic of Palau in the South Pacific is using four Sony Trinicom 5100 videoconferencing systems to bring education resources to students, linking four strategically selected schools on three of its principal islands, Babledaob, Koror, and Peleliu, equipping each with a 27-inch television, a videotape recorder, and a document object camera to enhance presentations.
In their session, Robert Motz, of Bowers Construction; Eugene Peterson, of Catastrophe & Restoration Experts; and Larry Taylor, of Taylored Restoration, suggested careful documentation of rooms, sizes, contents and other details with a videotape recorder and/or a cassette tape recorder, using a handset that leaves the hands free while moving through the property.
A bystander caught the fight on his portable videotape recorder.