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 (vĭd′ē-ō-tĕks′) also vid·e·o·text (-tĕkst′)
An information service in which data is transmitted over television cables or telephone lines and displayed on a television or computer screen.


(Computer Science) trademark an information system that displays information from a distant computer on a television screen. See also Teletext, Viewdata


(ˈvɪd i oʊˌtɛks)

an information transmission and retrieval system that provides interactive communication via telephone or television for such purposes as data processing and electronic banking and shopping.
[1975–80; video + tex (t)]


® [ˈvɪdɪəʊˌteks] Nvídeotex ® m
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Whether as the DGT or as France Telecom, the French PTT was breaking new ground in moving into videotex.
The course, it turns out, was one of the first taught anywhere on the implications of videotex.
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Even allowing for some judicious question design, the Gallup/Pace findings suggest that the British public, already used to booking last minute bargain holidays via their Ceefax and Teletex videotex services, still see the TV as the focal point of their information age experience.
Ring two items used at a supermarket checkout: Magnetic card reader, videotex, digitiser, CD-ROM, EFTPOS, mouse.
Commercial wire services, such as Reuters, and videotex services like Prestel.
Firewalls Provide Effective Internet Security Links, Worldwide Videotex Update, vol.
Computer-mediated communication systems include computer conferencing, computer bulletin boards, videotex, facsimile, voice and electronic mail (Rice, 1987).
Some 40 international hardware companies, occupying 74 booths, will show their wares, including videotape recorders, telecine, and videotex systems.
Modernisation of the telecommunications system has enabled subscribers to be offered a number of services that many western customers take for granted, such as data communications, fax, radio paging, mobile phones as well as some value-added services, such as videophone, videotex and electronic mail that are not subject to any restriction on foreign provision.
Today's world includes cable television, interactive video, computer networks, teleconferencing, broadcasting systems, satellite transmission, facsimile transmission, videotex, and many combinations and permutations of these technologies.