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Noun1.view angle - the angle included by a photographic lensview angle - the angle included by a photographic lens
angle - the space between two lines or planes that intersect; the inclination of one line to another; measured in degrees or radians
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In real applications, for a measured object with complicated surface structure, it is difficult to acquire a holonomic point cloud for the object from a certain view angle using laser scanning instrument.
These range image generation methods mainly aim to generate range image for the measured object from single view angle with the aid of gridding and interpolation operations.
In order to overcome drawbacks of the range image generation methods based on single view angle and interpolation operation, a new kind of method based on mathematical morphology is proposed in this paper to generate multi-view-angle range images for complicated polyhedron in 3D space.
As aforementioned, when the method based on single view angle and interpolation operation is utilized to generate the range image for complicated polyhedron in 3D space, a number of planes or curves on surface of the polyhedron may be concealed by other planes or curves on surface of the polyhedron from the selected view angle in all probability.
With wide view angle of 178/178 degrees, users can enjoy content without changes in brightness or color from almost any viewing angle.
Besides wide view angle, the display also comes with Clear Vision which is an image performance engine for upscaling Standard Definition (SD) sources to High Definition (HD) for sharper and more vivid viewing.
CMI is showing its mass-production-ready TRUEOLED displays featuring ultra-high resolution and sharper image in natural color, low power consumption and wide view angle, with the 3.4- and 4.3-inch high-resolution displays featuring above 300 ppi using top-emission white organic light-emitting diode.
The RGB format combined with this extended viewing angle provides consistent, well-matched visual performance and even view angle throughout the display.