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Noun1.viewers - the audience reached by televisionviewers - the audience reached by television  
audience - the part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment; "every artist needs an audience"; "the broadcast reached an audience of millions"
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There it was exhibited to select companies of female viewers, in whose gentle bosoms it awakened implacable feelings.
0 million viewers -- 144 percent higher than the average primetime viewership among the four major over-the-air networks (8.
Given the proliferation of big-screen high-definition TVs with crisper images, it may seem odd that an increasing number of viewers are opting to watch their favorite shows on the smaller screens of their computers.
Yongwoo Lee, the general artistic director of the Gwangju Biennale 2004, certainly came up with an original and courageous take on the problem: Starting from the insight that viewers are equal partners in the making of an artwork, he decided to pair each invited artist with a "viewer-participant," an individual unconnected to the artist and his or her work (or rather, since the viewer-participants were selected first, to pair each viewer-participant with an artist according to the aesthetic inclinations, or other relevant attributes, of the former).
We recognize that we have many loyal rural viewers out there who may not fit the traditional definition of a farmer or rancher," Adinamis says.
Armed with context provided by the front cover, viewers can appreciate the message conveyed by the back cover.
Though the point is only implicit in Goffen's discussion, Bellini knew that many viewers would imaginatively participate in his works.
And for both viewers and publishers, Veoh's peer-to-peer network, built from the ground up for video distribution, assures that publishers can provide viewers with a full-screen, DVD-quality experience.
As the networks are about to kick off their portion of the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour - starting Tuesday with the WB - it's become apparent that each has assumed a distinctive approach to luring viewers.
on them to perform (or refrain from performing) particular actions that will determine the outcome of a changing work Those who take part assume a level of responsibility for how the piece plays out; for example, in As Yet Untitled, 1992-95, viewers could temporarily stop a robot from shredding old photographs.
LOS ANGELES -- The series premiere of Bravo's "Top Design," which is tonight, Wednesday, January 31 at 11 PM ET/PT (and moves to its regular 10 PM timeslot on Wednesday, February 7) following "Top Chef's" season two finale, will have viewers glued to their seats - and cell phones.
The redesigned CNN Headline News, which shrinks the anchor and video images to make room for a flurry of graphics, is getting a negative reception from television critics while viewers appear undecided.