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The people who watch a television program or motion picture: a largely male viewership.


(ˈvyu ərˌʃɪp)

1. an audience of television viewers.
2. the number or makeup of such viewers.


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Activision viewership is up 15% quarter-over-quarter, versus the analyst's estimate for a 3% digital revenue decline, excluding King, Olson tells investors in a research note.
By March, viewership picked up steadily and the earnings were almost doubled from that of February leading to a total of 434, 432, 431 million Naira.
Houston shows that attention to the position and physical experiences of beholders has long informed art historical analysis, and argues that close study of the theme can lead to a fuller understanding of the discipline, of the act of viewership, and of individual works of art.
viewership for Amazon (NASDAQ:( AMZN ) Prime and Hulu, which is controlled by Disney (NYSE:( DIS ), is growing very rapidly.
But its beginning was disappointing, with viewership ratings hitting 6.7 percent for the first episode, broadcast Saturday, and 7.3 percent for the second episode the next day.
TiVo Corporation , known for both its entertainment technology and audience insights, is expanding its TV Viewership Data product to include optional Kantar ad occurrences and Drawbridge's Identity Graph.
The social networking platform recently announced that it's tweaking its News Feed algorithm to reward creators who publish video content that has longer average watch times and generates repeated viewership. However, pages posting unoriginal or repurposedvideo content are going to be penalized through limited access to visibility and monetization.
during high viewership high clutter environ- option during high-viewership, high-clutter
While the overall trend of increasing female viewership is notable on its own, the drivers of viewership increases are vital to a fuller understanding of what is behind the trend.
The series' premiere had an average rating of 1.9, while a viewership of 5.5 million.
All this engaged viewership represents a great opportunity for brands to share relevant messages and, like last year, Pepsi, ABL, UL, RB, and more than 20 other brands ran ads.
It, likewise, claimed to have higher viewership in Mega Manila, GMA's bailiwick, with a 37-percent share as opposed to the Gozon-led network's 28-percent score.