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Noun1.viewgraph - a transparency for use with an overhead projector
transparency, foil - picture consisting of a positive photograph or drawing on a transparent base; viewed with a projector
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Given the challenging task of restructuring our NSS architecture to meet the increasingly demanding environment of the next 100 years, we can't afford the luxury of getting sidetracked by endless rounds of viewgraph engineering, of unfulfilled promises.
In the first example, an all-around monitoring viewgraph of the underground environment is provided in Figure 8, which mainly includes displays of real-time monitor data.
The TDS is considered at TRL 6-7, and BAE Systems published a viewgraph showing some of its performances.
The Model level can approach service logic of system; View level can interact with users; Controller level is a bridge of Model level and View level; it can not only assign users' requirements and choose proper viewgraph to show but also explain users' input and reflect it as an executable operation in Model level.
When the Army and Marine Corps mobilized for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, JTRS radios were still in viewgraph stage, so the services ended up buying other radios that already were in production.
In March of 1999, when the American Physical Society had its centennial celebration, it provided a viewgraph (for the use of a group of centennial speakers--I was one) that was entitled "Throughout the Year we are Celebrating ALL (capitalization theirs) Areas of Physics" (Fig.
But if you look at the real picture, not on a viewgraph, this is really pretty clear.
Initial proposals are limited to a one-page Summary Quad Chart or viewgraph. Companies whose proposals are found worthy of further review will be asked for additional details.
Tom even remembered my viewgraph of the natural Greek wrestler.
The load curve of a typical summer day shows the inability of WAPDA to meet its customer's peak requirements (viewgraph No.
These courses were typically "death by viewgraph" and involved minimal student participation.
Veterans of the Pentagon "viewgraph wars" are all too familiar with the process.