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An area that is visible from a certain vantage point, especially when considered valuable or worth preserving for aesthetic reasons.

[Probably on the model of watershed.]
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In over an hour of testimony, several Alpine Estates homeowners described their fears of health problems, noise pollution, diminished home values, and the hampered viewshed from their upscale neighborhood.
Quoting the article, Yonhap reported, "The unusual activity observed a week ago, on the hillside near the West Portal, could represent the stockpiling of tunnel timbers and or building materials reclaimed from the ongoing dismantlement effort, but given the exposed hillside location with an unobstructed viewshed, the most likely explanation is that it will form an observation platform to allow journalists to safely view the explosive closure of the North and West Portals."
Measuring Visual Exposure to Smoking Behaviors: A Viewshed Analysis of Smoking at Outdoor Bars and Cafes across a Capital City's Downtown Area.
In the next version of SuperGIS 3D Server, which will be released shortly, 3D Viewshed analysis will be supported.
(1998): "Tailoring GIS software for archaeological applications: An example concerning viewshed analysis", Journal of Archaeological Science, 25, pp.
After five years of planning and re-planning, the City said that there was nowhere on the entire thirty-seven plus acres on which anything could be built because the property was said to be needed (1) to protect the viewshed from the adjacent freeway," (25) (2) to provide buffer zones for the surrounding properties, or (3) to provide habitat for that endangered butterfly.
Pilotsthen plotted enemy air ambush teams and used SAGE to assess suitability of flight paths using linear viewshed features, exposing any areas where enemy elements could see and engage helicopters along templated flight paths.
FERC has asked Alaska LNG to discuss the project's "cumulative impacts on cultural resources," along with a timeline for starting consultations with public land managers "to ensure the project considers each agency's viewshed protection standards and practices as they relate to historic properties."
The impact assessment of visual landscape, often involving in the occlusion and avoidance, usually used GIS to establish the 3D visual model, then made sight and viewshed analysis (Hernandez et al.
Viewshed analysis of Bronze Age burial mounds in western Scania, Sweden.--Monuments and Landscape in Arlantic Europe.
Olana's 'viewshed' is now protected by an avid local community and, to a degree, by legal restrictions (unusual given America's generally tepid attitude to historical preservation).
Real estate agents have seen home prices plummet from "viewshed contamination" in areas ransacked by the bugs.