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She did these things not under any external impulse as people in the full vigor of life do, when behind the purpose for which they strive that of exercising their functions remains unnoticed.
In one kind of death the spirit also dieth, and this it hath been known to do while yet the body was in vigor for many years.
I had, withal, a sense of exhilaration and vigor altogether unknown to me--a feeling of mental and physical exaltation.
THE arrival of the Beaver with a reinforcement and supplies, gave new life and vigor to affairs at Astoria.
The mission was one of peril and hardship and required a man of nerve and vigor. It was confided to Robert Stuart, who, though he had never been across the mountains, and a very young man, had given proofs of his competency to the task.
However, I am content with the fact--I never age, and I love life and the vigor of youth.
The necessity of a concurrent jurisdiction in certain cases results from the division of the sovereign power; and the rule that all authorities, of which the States are not explicitly divested in favor of the Union, remain with them in full vigor, is not a theoretical consequence of that division, but is clearly admitted by the whole tenor of the instrument which contains the articles of the proposed Constitution.
There were times, indeed, when the vigor she put into her work was more of a relief to her feelings than it was an ardor to efface dirt--Nancy, in spite of her frightened submission to her mistress, was no saint.
To Konstantin the peasant was simply the chief partner in their common labor, and in spite of all the respect and the love, almost like that of kinship, he had for the peasant-- sucked in probably, as he said himself, with the milk of his peasant nurse--still as a fellow-worker with him, while sometimes enthusiastic over the vigor, gentleness, and justice of these men, he was very often, when their common labors called for other qualities, exasperated with the peasant for his carelessness, lack of method, drunkenness, and lying.
"I fully understand language," he said, "and nourish well my vast-flowing vigor."--"I beg to ask what you call vast-flowing vigor?"--said his companion.
It seemed to refine him, to remove from him much of the dross of flesh and the too animal- like vigor that lured her while she detested it.
Vigor will portray the role of Ye-seung, daughter of Yong-gu (Muhlach), a mentally challenged man who was wrongfully imprisoned.