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a. Strong and healthy; robust: "Her splendid, vigorous body lay still and relaxed under the loose folds of her clothing" (Willa Cather).
b. Growing or spreading rapidly: a vigorous vine.
2. Characterized by or done with force and energy: "With a vigorous shake to get rid of the brine in his hair, he ran into the woods to hunt small game" (John Muir). See Synonyms at active.
3. Forceful; effective: a model of vigorous prose.

vig′or·ous·ly adv.
vig′or·ous·ness n.
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A quality of active mental and physical forcefulness:
Informal: snap.
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The menu not only includes Shang Palace's classic delicacies, but is mainly composed of Chef Chan's creations, which are inspired by the vigorousness of spring and designed to bring guests both visual and gustatory enjoyment with colorful edible flowers and ingredients.
In spite of the presence and vigorousness of these voices, the first-generation discourse can be characterized as mainly academic and less evident in the activist policy making sphere.
Extraversion is characterized by vigorousness, gregariousness, proactivity, and self-confidence (Walker et al., 2010).
Third, the very vigorousness of Bitenosh's denial can be taken as reflecting the strength of the tradition of the angelic origins of Noah which was subjected to the direct critique here.
In some cases, courts have bifurcated vigorousness and timeliness
It's fitting for the soda fountain staple, whose craft and creation has long been the subject of much debate"whether syrup or milk comes first in the glass; the force with which the seltzer is streamed in; the vigorousness of the final, froth-producing stir," Squires explains.
Marquette is most prone to black rot and phomopsis, he said, "And it's really important to rotate (fungicide) materials." As for weed control, "We want the native plants to dominate, to keep vine vigorousness down."
We have now entered the Chinese calendar's Year of the Horse, which according to Chinese tradition, stands for strength, loyalty, boldness and vigorousness. Much like my good self.
A = activity, vigorousness (feelings of power and energy which are associated with a hankering after the action).
reflects the commission's vigorousness in prosecuting misconduct,
In order to having enough vigorousness to bear handling at the age of 24h, all the under test chickens were wing banded pedigreed and properly vaccinated.
Until recently, the Board and the ALJs routinely had relied on past fee awards in similar Longshore cases in the relevant geographical area in identifying a reasonable hourly rate (often in combination with such factors as complexity of the case, novelty of the issues, and/or vigorousness of defense), and the Board had held such evidence to be sufficient.