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Noun1.village green - a village park consisting of a plot of grassy landvillage green - a village park consisting of a plot of grassy land
common, commons, green, park - a piece of open land for recreational use in an urban area; "they went for a walk in the park"
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Walking straight up from the station, she crossed the village green and entered the long chestnut avenue that connects it with the church.
Doubtless there was a large sweep of park and a broad glassy pool in front of that mansion, but the swelling slope of meadow would not let our traveller see them from the village green. He saw instead a foreground which was just as lovely--the level sunlight lying like transparent gold among the gently curving stems of the feathered grass and the tall red sorrel, and the white ambels of the hemlocks lining the bushy hedgerows.
The plays were given sometimes in the halls of nobles and gentlemen, either when banquets were in progress or on other festival occasions; sometimes before less select audiences in the town halls or on village greens. The actors were sometimes strolling companies of players, who might be minstrels 'or rustics, and were sometimes also retainers of the great nobles, allowed to practice their dramatic ability on tours about the country when they were not needed for their masters' entertainment.
There are lots of waste ground by the side of the roads in every village, amounting often to village greens, where feed the pigs and ganders of the people; and these roads are old-fashioned, homely roads, very dirty and badly made, and hardly endurable in winter, but still pleasant jog- trot roads running through the great pasture-lands, dotted here and there with little clumps of thorns, where the sleek kine are feeding, with no fence on either side of them, and a gate at the end of each field, which makes you get out of your gig (if you keep one), and gives you a chance of looking about you every quarter of a mile.
A PLANNING blunder helped smooth the way for Sunderland's newest village green.
At the request of the Rotary Club of Buffalo Grove, the village is renaming the Rotary Village Green the Ernie Karge Rotary Village Green.
Llanelidan community council has started the process of swapping the piece of land - which has been a village green since the reign of Queen Victoria - with a Nantclwyd Estateowned plot in the Denbighshire village.
And their new LP in that winter of 1968 was The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society.
Residents trying to save Leach Grove Wood inLeatherheadby campaigning for village green status for the land were celebrating a few weeks ago after successfully appealing a judicial review.
A SEASIDE community is celebrating after controversial plans to convert part of a village green into a temporary car park were scrapped.
VILLAGERS are applying to have a local sports club field designated as a village green to protect it from future development.

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