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petiole 5-31 mm long, smaller than the rachis; 2 extrafloral nectaries, brown, stipitate, digitiform, 1-2 mm long, located on the rachis, between the pairs of proximal leaflets; rachis 8-25 mm long; interfoliolar segments 3-12 mm long; leaflets discolorous, 3 pairs, chartaceous, adaxial surface villose, abaxial surface canescent, 10-60 X 5-30 mm, widely obovate, apex rounded, mucronate, base cuneate, venation penninervous.
The inflorescence is a compact and erect panicle, the flowers are small and greenish white, and the fruit is a villose, reddish, 1-seeded drupe (Davis, 1967).
5a Capitulescence monocephalous; corollas ligulate and/or bilabiate; cypselae glabrous to scarcely glandular Glossarion 5b Capitulescence corymbose; corollas bilabiate; cypselae villose Salcedoa 4b Leaves frequently glabrous, less commonly slightly pubescent beneath; corollas bilabiate.