vin ordinaire

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vin or·di·naire

 (văN′ ôr-dē-nâr′)
n. pl. vins or·di·naires (văNz′ ôr-dē-nâr′)
An inexpensive red table wine.

[French : vin, wine + ordinaire, ordinary.]

vin ordinaire

(vɛ̃n ɔrdinɛr)
n, pl vins ordinaires (vɛ̃z ɔrdinɛr)
(Brewing) cheap table wine, esp French

vin or•di•naire

(vɛ̃ nɔr diˈnɛr)

n., pl. vins or•di•naires (vɛ̃ zɔr diˈnɛr)
French. inexpensive table wine, usu. of unspecified origin.
[literally, ordinary wine]

vin ordinaire

A French phrase meaning ordinary wine, used to mean cheap table wine.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: ordinaire - cheap French table wine of unspecified originvin ordinaire - cheap French table wine of unspecified origin
table wine - wine containing not more than 14 percent alcohol usually served with a meal
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Goodworthy was an old friend and he greeted them effusively; they dined in his private room with his wife, and to Philip it seemed that he had never eaten anything so delicious as the beefsteak aux pommes, nor drunk such nectar as the vin ordinaire, which were set before them.
Nevertheless, he descended three steps from the court into which he had been directed, and pushed open the swing door, behind which Emil Sachs announced his desire to supply the world with dinners at eightpence and vin ordinaire at fourpence the small bottle.
If you have been tanking away the vin ordinaire then you shouldn't need a breathalyser to tell you that getting behind the wheel is a 'non-non'.
In London there is a big trend back to carafes in varying sizes, but with something decent on offer - not just vin ordinaire.
You probably wouldn't expect them to talk about prawn cocktails, steak, jam roly-poly and carafes of vin ordinaire.
And if you're a still more frugal wine drinker you can buy bulk wine (call it plonk, vin ordinaire or everyday wine, depending on your mood) from faux casks for about $6 a pop.
We would rather quaff three bottles of pounds 3 vin ordinaire than sip a pounds 9 Bordeaux Superior.
France's imports are mostly bulk wine for blending into vin ordinaire.
The onus is on the Gunners to prove their football is of the highest order and in Chablis country the display was more vin ordinaire than the vintage stuff we've come to expect.
At a time when business practices are being held up to the light, Summit's vin ordinaire looks pretty good.
More than one person said "Ah, size does matter," indulging their vin ordinaire vulgarity.