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Capable of being overcome or defeated: a vincible army.

[Latin vincibilis, from vincere, to conquer; see weik- in Indo-European roots.]

vin′ci·bil′i·ty n.
vin′ci·bly adv.
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rare capable of being defeated or overcome
[C16: from Latin vincibilis, from vincere to conquer]
ˌvinciˈbility, ˈvincibleness n
ˈvincibly adv
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(ˈvɪn sə bəl)

capable of being conquered or overcome.
[1540–50; < Latin vincibilis=vinc(ere) to overcome + -ibilis -ible]
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Adj.1.vincible - susceptible to being defeatedvincible - susceptible to being defeated  
conquerable - subject to being conquered or overcome; "knew her fears were ultimately conquerable"
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Open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection:
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I almost tremble to look at the strange partnerships that begin to be formed, reluctantly, but by the in vincible necessity of like to like in this part of the procession.
Vincible ignorance has moral implications; it is an ignorance amenable to correction by informed retrospection and reflection on new evidence (Delaney, 1910).
m just so happy ants to see their vincible nds thousan tweeted Andy: "Invincible hundreds of thousands overexcitable Directioners.
Ralph Smith has worked on a number of well-known comic strips, including Hagar the Horrible, and his own Captain Vincible was nationally syndicated by King Features.
Thus it is obvious that invincible ignorance is never a sin: vincible ignorance is a sin, if it is of those things which someone is obliged to know, but not if it is of those things which he is not obliged to know.
Add Carroll's departure and the NCAA's long-overdue hammer drop, and these days the Trojans seem extremely, uh, vincible.
It really made me feel a lot more vincible because this is something that could affect me, even if I try to be healthy.
ON a day when Chelsea's 'invincibles' proved vincible after all, Sunderland's status as the Premier League's draw kings remained intact.
Ignorance is said to be vincible if it can be dispelled by the use of moral diligence by way of awareness and education.
He commanded 801 Naval Air Squadron, HMS In vincible, and purports to offer "the controversial account of what really happened in the South Atlantic skies".