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n. pl. vin·cu·lums or vin·cu·la (-lə)
1. Mathematics A bar drawn over two or more algebraic terms to indicate that they are to be treated as a single term.
2. Anatomy A bandlike structure, such as a ligament.
3. A bond or tie.

[Latin, bond, tie, from vincīre, to tie.]
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- Links, ties, and bonds.
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[+] Julius II was Giuliano della Rovere, Cardinal of San Pietro ad Vincula, born 1443, died 1513.
Those whom he had injured, amongst others, were San Pietro ad Vincula, Colonna, San Giorgio, and Ascanio.[*] The rest, in becoming Pope, had to fear him, Rouen and the Spaniards excepted; the latter from their relationship and obligations, the former from his influence, the kingdom of France having relations with him.
--Venient annis Saecula seris, quibus Oceanus Vincula rerum laxet, et ingens Pateat Tellus, Tiphysque novos Detegat orbes; nec sit terris Ultima Thule:
Como resultado de la construccion de un nuevo paradigma en torno a la movilidad, se consolida una vertiente teorica donde se vincula el tema con el derecho a la ciudad.
Peter Ad Vincula Church, Pennal, on Tuesday 15th August at 11am.
Wadell subrayando la practica extatica de esa virtud que vincula con los efectos de la caridad (entre los cuales analiza la limosna, misericordia y la bondad).