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Noun1.vine snake - slender arboreal snake found from southern Arizona to Boliviavine snake - slender arboreal snake found from southern Arizona to Bolivia
colubrid, colubrid snake - mostly harmless temperate-to-tropical terrestrial or arboreal or aquatic snakes
genus Oxybelis, Oxybelis - vine snakes
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Deeper into the trail, a bright green adult oriental vine snake (ahaetulla prasina) was spotted lounging lazily on a branch.
[5] Purely haemotoxic bites are rare because of the timid nature of the two haemotoxic snakes, the boomslang and vine snake (twig snake).
The collection also shows a fly hitching a ride as it lands on the head of a vine snake in Colombia, in a picture taken by Robin Moore.
It is probably worthwhile for clinicians who are expected to manage snake bites to have knowledge of the snake species that can be treated with the polyvalent and monovalent antivenoms (Table 3) as well as a few other medically important snakes such as the vine snake, stiletto snake, berg adder and night adder.
We identified the Caecilian, Green Vine snake, Rat snake and Cat snake.
Cope's vine snake, Oxybelis brevirostris, is a medium-sized (1.2 m), diurnal, arboreal snake that ranges from eastern Honduras to western Ecuador (Savage, 2002).
I showed them a trinket snake, vine snake, sand boa, wolf snake, cat snake, rat snake ...
One of the coolest things I saw was a huge, shiny green vine snake blocking our path.
Caught in the jaws of a green vine snake and moments away from death, this treefrog had a lucky escape in the shape of Shell Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Rick Stanley.
margaritiferus (0.053; Seib 1984), a Hispaniolan vine snake (Uromacer frenatus; 0.125; Henderson et al.
"If I had a pointy nose like the vine snake, I could dip it in ink and use it to do my homework.