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also vin·e·gar·roon  (vĭn′ĭ-gə-ro͞on′)
A large whip scorpion (Mastigoproctus giganteus) of the southern United States and Mexico that emits a vinegary-smelling spray when disturbed.

[American Spanish vinagrón, from Spanish vinagre, vinegar, from Old Spanish, from Old French vinaigre; see vinegar.]
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Chemistry, ontogeny, and the role of the pygidial gland secretions of the vinegaroon Masrigiprocuss giganteus (Arachnida, Uropygi).
Chemistry, ontogeny, and role of pygidial gland secretions of the vinegaroon Mastigoproctus giganteus (Arachnida: Uropygi).
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"No living spider has a tail, although some relatives of spiders, the vinegaroons, do have an anal flagellum," the ( University of Kansas said in a statement.
In this conclusion to the Foundling's Tale trilogy (formerly Monster Blood Tattoo), young orphan Rossamund Bookchild's coming-of-age journey to understand his nature (monster, man, or both) and his future is aided by sympathetic and supportive friends: the famous monster-killer Europe, the Branden Rose, and two old vinegaroons of the sea, Fransitart and Craumpalin.
They begin with chapter 19 on Thelyphonida (= Uropygida, vinegaroons) and 20 on Amblypygi (= Amblopygida, whip scorpions), both by C.