viola da gamba

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viola da gam·ba

 (gäm′bə, găm′-)
1. A stringed instrument, the bass of the viol family, with approximately the range of the cello. Also called bass viol, gamba, viol.
2. An organ stop of eight-foot pitch yielding tones similar to those of the viola da gamba.

[Italian : viola, viol + da, of, for + gamba, leg.]

viola da gamba

(vɪˈəʊlə də ˈɡæmbə)
(Instruments) the second largest and lowest member of the viol family. See viol
[C18: from Italian, literally: viol for the leg]

vi•o•la da gam•ba

(viˈoʊ lə də ˈgɑm bə, ˈgæm-)

n., pl. viola da gam•bas.
an old instrument of the viol family, held on or between the knees; bass viol.
[1590–1600; < Italian: literally, viol for the leg]
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Noun1.viola da gamba - viol that is the bass member of the viol family with approximately the range of the celloviola da gamba - viol that is the bass member of the viol family with approximately the range of the cello
viol - any of a family of bowed stringed instruments that preceded the violin family

viola da gamba

nGambe f
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Solo pianists from the Wellenger School of Music, St Sylvester's Primary School choir and musicians from Glasgow all took to the stage, with one performer playing antique instrument called the viola da gamba to finish the night off.
029 2022 8883 MUSIC Liam Byrne & NASDUO Star soloist Liam Byrne divides his time between making very old and very new music on the viola da gamba. After creating sound installations for the Victoria & Albert Museum, Dulwich Picture Gallery, and in collaboration with Nico Muhly for the National Gallery in London, he will be performing a programme of 16th- and 17thcentury works, each paired with a 21st-century work, including Alex Mills' Suspensions & Solutions for Viola da Gamba and electronics.
On INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2019, viola da gamba performer & pedagogue Dr.
Up-coming events include: Jordi Savall: Viola Da Gamba: Monday, May 13 Katona Twins 30th Anniversary Concert: Tuesday, June 11 | O2 Academy Formerly the L2, and Carling Academy Liverpool, this Hotham Street venue has two performance spaces - one holding more than 1,000 people.
In addition, "Sonorizzonte" consists of unusual vintage instruments and famous musicians - Andreas Tisotti (Viola da gamba), Jessica Kun (Barokcello), Paradise Watanabe (Percussion), Miriam Schroeder (Harfe).
It happened on Friday evening at the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) when the academy's faculty and students, the band Sound of Kolachi and two wonderful Italian musicians Frida Neri (vocalist) and Elisabetta Del Ferro (viola da gamba) got together on stage for a, what was advertised as, 'musical conversations between three music genres'.
The group of soloists is also enriched by Vittorio Ghielmi's viola da gamba, Michal Dusek's viola, and Libor Masek's excellent (as always) cello.
After a forty-year absence, the Viola da Gamba Music Festival has returned to the picturesque isle on the tip of Wisconsin's Door County peninsula.
The Bach Festival now is a member in good standing of the Early Music Movement, rendering Bach's works with period instruments such as the viola da gamba, theorbo, oboe da caccia and wooden flute.
No sabria decir quien hizo mejor apuesta vital, si fui yo o los que tocaban la flauta travesera barroca, que no era de metal sino de madera (otra curiosidad aprendida alli) o el serpenton o la viola da gamba. ?Que habra sido de ellos?
Alongside trio sonatas by Arcangelo Corelli, Johann Rosenmuller, Georg Knupfer, and Giovanni Legrenzi are some forty Venetian and Bolognese printed instrumental partbooks, chamber music by Lubeck composers such as Buxtehude and Peter Grecke, and viola da gamba music by Gottfried Finger.
The fluent tempi selected by conductor Jeffrey Skidmore, so deeply immersed in the spirit of this wonderful score, set into relief the few slow-moving arias, not least the "Komm, susses Kreuz", where the grinding viola da gamba obbligato in times long past seemed excruciatingly penitential, but which here, in the nimble hands of Juan Manuel Quintana, actually said it all.