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Capable of being violated: a violable rule; a violable contract.

vi′o·la·bil′i·ty, vi′o·la·ble·ness n.
vi′o·la·bly adv.
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(ˈvaɪ ə lə bəl)

capable of being violated.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin]
vi`o•la•bil′i•ty, n.
vi′o•la•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.violable - capable of being violated; "a violable rule"; "a violable contract"
inviolable - incapable of being transgressed or dishonored; "the person of the king is inviolable"; "an inviolable oath"
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Moreover, the inviolable linear rules were replaced with violable hierarchically organized constraints.
It goes without saying that although the Judiciary is the last resort of the common men, but if the requisite and relevant laws or statutes in place are violable, then it becomes rather difficult, if not out rightly impossible for the judiciary to function as it ought to function.
Once Israel's sovereignty claims over the Golan are accepted, borders that have existed for decades become violable. As expected, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, immediately welcomed the announcement.
meat is rather complex violable uneff from this to that
(2) In tale after interlinking tale, seemingly rigorous boundaries of ontology and identity--between human and animal, vegetable, or mineral; between male and female; between animate and inanimate--become violable and permeable.
(30) If us suggests (but does not define) a non-indigenous narrative voice and/or viewing subject, then the violable frames of the Vitellius illustrations further imply that some aspects of those peoples and places elude the grasp of the unidentified narrator who seeks to render them knowable.
The sign of this great undoing is that the rule of law is being willfully subverted, that the law of force and force of law are once more being merged into a system of sovereign and patriarchal torture, that black bodies and female bodies and queer bodies and immigrant bodies and homeless bodies and the bodies of workers are again becoming systematically violable, their vulnerability exploited for profit and power.
Violable. 203 members of the Lower House voted for H.B.
It was often unable to control religious affiliation or identification, however, when it came to dealing with converts or those who trespassed and rendered violable the confessional boundaries in which the state invested disciplinary energy.
De esa manera, inscriben a las mujeres africanas lesbianas como un sujeto colectivo, 'colectivizable', cuya vida y muerte estan definidas por su disidencia sexual (mujeres que aman mujeres) y por su vulnerabilidad y condicion de victima, de ser un cuerpo [negro] violable y descartable.