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Noun1.violin maker - someone who makes violinsviolin maker - someone who makes violins    
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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1909: Mary Pickford made her screen debut at the age of 16, in The Violin Maker Of Cremona.
That, plus his personal fortune, has allowed him to put together a stunning collection of vintage musical instruments including priceless violins by Stradivari, Guarneri, and Amati that are now on display at the museum, in an exhibition that recreates the workshop of a master luthier or violin maker. The Chimei's other showstopper aside from the Rodin gallery and some masterpieces of French realism is its exhibit of ancient arms and armor, from the time of the Greek hoplites and medieval knights to the Japanese samurai and English crossbowmen.
BITTER-SWEET SYMPHONY Violin maker Steve Burnett, event organiser Neil McLennan and Thoren.
In January 2018, the violin featured in BBC 2 UK television programme, The Repair Shop, where it was restored by John Dilworth, a well-known violin maker. It has now been donated to the Yehudi Menuhin School of Music and is played every day by a young virtuoso.
The opening day program will consist of two parts - a lecture by Stephanie McMahon-Kaye, a scholar from the International School for Holocaust Studies in Jerusalem, about "spiritual and cultural resistance during the Holocaust," and followed by the screening of the English-language documentary, "Violins of Hope: Strings of the Holocaust," about Israeli violin maker Amnon Weinstein, who restored violins recovered from the Holocaust.
On our cover this month, I'm sure you noticed, is Daniel Prier, a renowned violin maker, showing off the gorgeous wood grain of a hand-made violin.
A VIOLIN maker thinks he has located a PS50million stash of Nazi gold and diamonds after cracking a code hidden in a sheet of wartime music.
Fritz and a team including a modern violin maker, Joseph Curtin, began their new-versus-old research in 2010, asking 21 players at an international competition in Indiana to put on goggles that obscured their vision, and try three new violins and three old.
The violin, made by world-renowned violin maker Guarneri del Gesu in 1737, is owned by the BSI Bank, which organised the event and regularly hosts an array of cultural programmes around the world.
An array of historically accurate costumes, ranging from a policeman to an ironmonger, tearoom maid to violin maker, and Victorian ladies to quintessentially English gentlemen, were modelled for the day at the museum and grounds in a joint project to increase the pro-files of both the college and the museum.
They really don't know what to expect," said Phillip Injeian, 54, a violin maker whose shop near the G20 headquarters is shadowed by a security fence.