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Noun1.violin section - the section of an orchestra that plays violinsviolin section - the section of an orchestra that plays violins
string section, strings - the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments
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The one-man-violin has been preferred over an entire violin section. Hyatt goes back to his favourite Uncle Jay on the violin.
Selina Shi from Moreton Hall was invited to participate in the first violin section after winning the 15-and-under string solo class at the Oswestry Music Festival back in March.
A backbiting violin section, duettists whose honest feedback to one another is less welcome than first thought, and a tuner who sets a pianist on edge: in this trio of short fictions, musicians' souls sometimes synchronize while tempers nearly snap.
"She auditioned for me earlier today, and she'll be an excellent addition to our violin section!"
We are so proud to have him as a leader in the violin section of our top youth symphony."
Yasser el-Serafi is the First Violin Concertmaster of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, leading the first violin section. He began studying violin in the Alexandria Conservatoire and continued his musical studies abroad in several esteemed institutions, as part of the Fulbright Egyptian Scholarship Program.
He said Eserjose was quick to learn the proper techniques and easily moved up to the first or lead violin section of the orchestra.
It has visited Riga several times, but now the rich experience of this brilliant ensemble will be presented by the holder of its first chair in the violin section, Florian Donderer.
There was the mandatory cello and violin section, supplemented by more guitars, piano and synthesizer, to produce the ELO 'sound' faultlessly.
There were two boys who sat beside each other in the violin section; both were great musicians, and both had great sense of humour.
Each nurturing their own violin section, they intertwined and dovetailed lines with buoyant dynamics, allowing each other to sing as emphasis swung back and forth.