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 (vē′ə-lən-chĕl′ō, vī′ə-)
n. pl. vi·o·lon·cel·los
A cello.

[Italian, diminutive of violone, violone; see violone.]

vi′o·lon·cel′list n.
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Noun1.violoncellist - someone who plays a violoncellovioloncellist - someone who plays a violoncello  
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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عازِف الكَمان الجَهير


[ˌvaɪələnˈtʃelɪst] Nviolonchelista mf
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(vaiələnˈtʃelou) noun
full form of cello.
ˌviolonˈcellist noun
full form of cellist.
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People's Artist of Russia, the State Prize laureate, violoncellist Sergei Roldugin, the laureate of international competitions, the famous violinist Pavel Milyukov and the Azerbaijan State Symphony Orchestra named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli under the direction of the Honored Artist of Azerbaijan, Eyyub Guliyev performed at the concert.
All this from within a technically masterful package, from which the slim voice of violoncellist Ori Epstein projects, never lacking discretion.
The musical part of the festival's program offered an abundance of highly-acclaimed artists and attractive events, including the performance of the Chinese Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, pianists Elisabeth Leonskaja and Arcadi Volodos, violinists Kirill Troussov and Ning Feng, violoncellist Narek Hakhnazaryan, the Kadesha Duo from Albania, the St George Strings Chamber Orchestra, the Yankelevich String Quartet, the Variabile ensemble, and world-renowned violinist Nemanja Radulovic.