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 (vē′ə-lən-chĕl′ō, vī′ə-)
n. pl. vi·o·lon·cel·los
A cello.

[Italian, diminutive of violone, violone; see violone.]

vi′o·lon·cel′list n.


n, pl -los or -li
(Instruments) the full name for cello
[C18: from Italian, from violone + -cello, diminutive suffix]
ˌviolonˈcellist n


(ˈtʃɛl oʊ)

n., pl. -los.
the second largest member of the violin family, rested vertically on the floor between the performer's knees when played; violoncello.
[1875–80; short for violoncello]
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Noun1.violoncello - a large stringed instrumentvioloncello - a large stringed instrument; seated player holds it upright while playing
bowed stringed instrument, string - stringed instruments that are played with a bow; "the strings played superlatively well"
كَمان جَهير الصَّوْت


[ˌvaɪələnˈtʃeləʊ] Nviolonchelo m


n (form)Violoncello nt


(vaiələnˈtʃelou) noun
full form of cello.
ˌviolonˈcellist noun
full form of cellist.
References in classic literature ?
As Elinor was neither musical, nor affecting to be so, she made no scruple of turning her eyes from the grand pianoforte, whenever it suited her, and unrestrained even by the presence of a harp, and violoncello, would fix them at pleasure on any other object in the room.
Wemmick no longer unwound Wemmick's arm when it adapted itself to her figure, but sat in a high-backed chair against the wall, like a violoncello in its case, and submitted to be embraced as that melodious instrument might have done.
Even political principle must have been in danger of relaxation under such circumstances; and the violin, faithful to rotten boroughs, must have been tempted to fraternize in a demoralizing way with a reforming violoncello.
Skimpole could play on the piano and the violoncello, and he was a composer--had composed half an opera once, but got tired of it--and played what he composed with taste.
Skimpole played some fragments of his own compositions or when, both at the piano and the violoncello, and at our table, he preserved with an absence of all effort his delightful spirits and his easy flow of conversation, that Richard and I seemed to retain the transferred impression of having been arrested since dinner and that it was very curious altogether.
In the gallery opposite to the pulpit were a little choir of male and female singers, a violoncello, and a violin.
Old Joshway," as he is irreverently called by his neighbours, is in a state of simmering indignation; but he has not yet opened his lips except to say, in a resounding bass undertone, like the tuning of a violoncello, "Sehon, King of the Amorites; for His mercy endureth for ever; and Og the King of Basan: for His mercy endureth for ever"--a quotation which may seem to have slight bearing on the present occasion, but, as with every other anomaly, adequate knowledge will show it to be a natural sequence.
There, snuff and cigars, and German pipes and flutes, and violins and violoncellos, divide the supremacy between them.
The programme featured Anton'edn Dvorak: Concerto in B Minor for violoncello and orchestra, Op 104, B 191, and Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No 10 in E Minor, Op 93.
The programme will feature Antoncn Dvorak: Concerto in B Minor for violoncello and orchestra, Op 104, B 191, and Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No 10 in E Minor, Op 93, according to the statement.
A known musician, composer and music educator, Molina learned playing the violoncello at an early age and it did not take long before he performed as an orchestra soloist for Manila Grand Opera House.