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n. pl. vir·e·os
Any of various small insectivorous songbirds of several genera, especially of the genus Vireo, found throughout the Americas and having grayish or greenish plumage.

[Latin vireō, a kind of bird, from virēre, to be green.]
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n, pl vireos
(Animals) any insectivorous American songbird of the family Vireonidae, esp those of the genus Vireo, having an olive-grey back with pale underparts
[C19: from Latin: a bird, probably a greenfinch; compare virēre to be green]
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(ˈvɪr iˌoʊ)

n., pl. vir•e•os.
any of various small, insectivorous, typically dull-plumaged songbirds of the family Vireonidae, of the New World, having a slightly hooked bill.
[1825–35; < New Latin; Latin vireō (Pliny), probably the greenfinch, derivative of virēre to be green]
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Noun1.vireo - any of various small insectivorous American birds chiefly olive-grey in colorvireo - any of various small insectivorous American birds chiefly olive-grey in color
oscine, oscine bird - passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
genus Vireo - type genus of the Vireonidae
red-eyed vireo, Vireo olivaceous - of northern North America having red irises and an olive-grey body with white underparts
solitary vireo, Vireo solitarius - of eastern North America having a bluish-grey head and mostly green body
blue-headed vireo, Vireo solitarius solitarius - common vireo of northeastern North America with bluish slaty-grey head
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