Green or slightly green.

[Late Latin viridēscēns, viridēscent-, present participle of viridēscere, to become green, from Latin viridis, green; see virid.]

vir′i·des′cence n.


(Colours) greenish or tending to become green
[C19: from Late Latin viridescere to grow green, from Latin viridis green]
ˌviriˈdescence n


(ˌvɪr ɪˈdɛs ənt)

slightly green; greenish.
[1840–50; < Latin virid(is) green (see vert)]
vir`i•des′cence, n.
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Hikers in the southeastern alpine regions may be familiar with the stunning viridescent mountain green cockroaches (Polyzosteria viridissima and P.
MANILA -- In a proud display of its heritage, Irish pop-rock band The Script began its Friday night concert at the SM MOA Arena with much fanfare and revelry as it marched to the stage accompanied by a bevy of its fans waving green flags while the distinctly Celtic blare of the Uilleann pipes in Paint The Town Green complemented the lights that bathed the entire venue in a viridescent tinge.
Theirs leafs are dark green color--small flowers- pink viridescent that be developed as like as umbrella on the end of font stalk giver flower in 5060 centimeter height and it's corns are black.
It is a pity that Marvell did not use his 'curious felicity' of phrase to distinguish the effects of water that are spread everywhere in Dutch landscapes, especially at Dulwich: the spray-rush and engulfed estuaries of the younger van der Velde, or his ships in a calm, as if insubstantial on the pallid haze; the placid torpor of Hobbema's mill-pond, with the sleepy hamlet that environs it; the vaporous stretch of the Maas that runs through Cuyp's Dordrecht; the sudden pond in Berchem's Road through the Woods, where leaf-tangled twilight gilds the green of the oaktrees; the unhurried stream which projects its subaquatic shimmer on the underside of Pijnacker's bridge, over which a drover guides his cattle through a sunset confused in the viridescent tresses of the weedy stones.