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 (vər-to͞o′, vĭr-) also ver·tu (vər-)
1. A knowledge or love of or taste for fine objects of art.
2. Objects of art, especially fine antique objets d'art, considered as a group.

[Italian virtù, virtue, virtu, from Latin virtūs, excellence, virtue; see virtue.]
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(vɜːˈtuː) or


1. (Art Terms) a taste or love for curios or works of fine art; connoisseurship
2. (Art Terms) such objects collectively
3. (Art Terms) the quality of being rare, beautiful, or otherwise appealing to a connoisseur (esp in the phrases articles of virtu; objects of virtu)
[C18: from Italian virtù; see virtue]
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or ver•tu

(vərˈtu, ˈvɜr tu)

1. excellence or merit in objects of art, curios, and the like.
2. (used with a pl. v.) such objects or articles collectively.
3. a taste for such objects.
[1715–25; < Italian virtù, vertù virtue]
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Noun1.virtu - love of or taste for fine objects of artvirtu - love of or taste for fine objects of art
appreciation, discernment, perceptiveness, taste - delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values); "arrogance and lack of taste contributed to his rapid success"; "to ask at that particular time was the ultimate in bad taste"
2.virtu - artistic qualityvirtu - artistic quality      
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare
3.virtu - objet d'art collectively (especially fine antiques)
art object, objet d'art, piece - a work of art of some artistic value; "this store sells only objets d'art"; "it is not known who created this piece"
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