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 (vûr′cho͞o-ō′sə, -zə)
A woman who is a virtuoso.

[Italian, feminine of virtuoso, virtuoso; see virtuoso.]
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n, pl -se (-zeɪ)
a female virtuoso
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But this counsel effectually decided Mademoiselle Danglars never to commit herself by being seen in public with one destined for a theatrical life; and acting upon this principle, the banker's daughter, though perfectly willing to allow Mademoiselle Louise d'Armilly (that was the name of the young virtuosa) to practice with her through the day, took especial care not to be seen in her company.
Piano virtuosa Kara Comparetto and symphonic metal guitarist Chris Valenta will be the featured soloists on a program consisting entirely of world premieres.
At this point, Wieck turned his musical ambitions toward his daughter and began implementing the rigorous training that would produce his virtuosa. In addition to managing all of her concert appearances, he even wrote entries in her diary for her!
Thursday, February 21 Mesmerising performance by Lucero Tena Watch the remarkable performance of castanet virtuosa, Lucero Tena, a former flamenco dancer, who has appeared as a solo castanetist in five continents.
The new ground-breaking AI guest service will launch on MSC Bellissima, followed by MSC Grandiosa, due to be launched later this year, and MSC Virtuosa in 2020.
This will be followed by MSC Grandiosa, due to be launched later this year, and MSC Virtuosa in 2020.
Afinal, como homem do seu tempo, as obras de Gumes nao tiveram como tema central as mulheres, mas elas estavam la "ele as incluia em suas tramas num jogo de fortes oposicoes, caminhando entre os modelos idealizados de mulher, mae, dona de casa virtuosa para o oposto de mulheres desqualificadas e destituidas dos valores morais inculcados pela boa educacao" (NOGUEIRA, 2015, p.
Barbosa Homem, for example, asserts "astute" as a positive trait by adding an adjective: "virtuosa astucia," and excuses lies by identifying them as "equiuocacion, ambiguedad, o amphibologia de palabras" (both cited at Howard 121).