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 (vĭz′ərd, -ärd′)
Variant of vizard.
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Not only is the use of masks depicted through the daubing of Conscience's face but another use of the mask takes place when an explicit stage direction requires: 'Enter Lucar, and Love with a visard behind'.
Examples of sixteenth-century clothing include a black velvet visard mask found at Daventry in Northamptonshire (see Maggie Struckmeier, 'Rare Mask Found Concealed in 16th Century Wall', Past Horizons (6 December 2010), available online at <> [accessed 15 August 2013]); and a 1540s doublet and hose with codpiece found in a monastery at Alpirsbach in Germany (see A.
and ciarlatani of prating" who "proclaim their wares upon these scaffolds." "They draw concourse of people," and "have a zani or fool with a visard on his face, and sometimes a woman to make comical sport" (424-25).