visceral pericardium

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Noun1.visceral pericardium - the innermost of the two layers of the pericardium
pericardium - a serous membrane with two layers that surrounds the heart
serosa, serous membrane - a thin membrane lining the closed cavities of the body; has two layers with a space between that is filled with serous fluid
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For the T4 category, the 8th edition indicates that tumors >7 cm, tumors involving the diaphragm, recurrent laryngeal nerve, great vessels, mediastinal fat or other mediastinal structures, carina, visceral pericardium, vertebral body or separate nodules in the same lung but different lobes as the primary tumor, have the worst prognosis of all T descriptors (Fig.
Rupture of this air into the pericardium has been postulated to occur in a possible anatomical area of weakness at the reflection of the parietal and visceral pericardium near the area of the pulmonary veins [7].
A thoracic CT examination confirmed the presence of a 169/93/94 mm polylobated tumor mass originating in the visceral pericardium and infiltrating the subjacent myocardium.