visceral pleura

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Noun1.visceral pleura - pleura that covers the lungsvisceral pleura - pleura that covers the lungs  
pleura - the thin serous membrane around the lungs and inner walls of the chest
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Fluid can also enter the pleural space from the interstitial spaces of the lung via the visceral pleura or from the peritoneal cavity via small holes in the diaphragm.
In practice, more peripheral lung tissue, including visceral pleura itself, is not infrequently encountered (Figures 6 and 7).
In IPS( also known as intralobar pulmonary sequestration), the sequestrated portion is located within a normal lung lobe and lacks its own visceral pleura while in EPS (also known as extralobar pulmonary sequestration), the sequestrated portion is located outside the normal lung parenchyma and has its own visceral pleura.
Although pulmonary vessels should not extend beyond the visceral pleura, lung tissue superimposed upon a pneumothorax, particularly at the base, may conceal the pneumothorax save for the presence of a white visceral pleural interface.
2) Additionally, rupture of these blebs, apical cysts, and pneumatoceles may damage the visceral pleura causing a spontaneous secondary pneumothorax.
sup][36] Because of the mechanism of pneumothorax, the movement of the visceral pleura on the parietal pleura cannot be seen because they fill with air.
A typical sign of an ultrasound evaluation is the line of intersection of the parietal pleura with the visceral pleura, generated with each breathing cycle; this is called lung sliding and is associated with the breathing cycle movements.
Gas can enter the pleural space through an opening in the visceral pleura from inside the lungs, or through a communication between the pleural space and the atmosphere through the chest wall and parietal pleura.
There have only been two reported cases of desmoid tumours originating from the visceral pleura or pulmonary parenchyma.
Since KS tends to involve only the visceral pleura, closed pleural biopsy is often non-diagnostic and the diagnosis requires thoracoscopy with the characteristic multiple cherry-red to purple appearance of the KS lesions on the visceral pleura.
Pathology revealed metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma consistent with ovarian cancer involving the diaphragm, liver, and visceral pleura.