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1. Thick and adhesive. Used of a fluid.
2. Covered with a sticky or clammy coating.

[Late Latin viscidus, from Latin viscum, mistletoe, birdlime made from mistletoe berries.]

vis·cid′i·ty, vis′cid·ness n.
vis′cid·ly adv.
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1. cohesive and sticky; glutinous; viscous
2. (Botany) (esp of a leaf) covered with a sticky substance
[C17: from Late Latin viscidus sticky, from Latin viscum mistletoe or birdlime]
visˈcidity, ˈviscidness n
ˈviscidly adv
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(ˈvɪs ɪd)

1. having a glutinous consistency; sticky; viscous.
2. Bot. covered by a sticky substance.
[1625–35; < Late Latin viscidus < Latin visc(um) (see viscous)]
vis•cid′i•ty, n.
vis′cid•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.viscid - having the sticky properties of an adhesive
adhesive - tending to adhere
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Having a heavy, gluey quality:
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[ˈvɪsɪd] ADJviscoso
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adj (form)zähflüssig; (Bot) → klebrig
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It seemed to have become vegetable; to have degenerated in that rank, sunless air to lush lichen or spreading moss that grew in patches to the staircase and was viscid under the foot like organic matter.
But as the excretion is extremely viscid, it is probably a convenience to the aphides to have it removed; and therefore probably the aphides do not instinctively excrete for the sole good of the ants.
As the quart insensibly passes into the sandstone, it seems probable tha the former owes its origin to the sandstone having bee heated to such a degree that it became viscid, and upon cooling crystallized.
Mumbi said it's the viscid bits on raw chicken that compels her to rinse the chicken in her kitchen sink before cooking it.
contain viscid oil, not so suitable for cooking due to presence of lethal fatty acids.
On standing, the oil becomes viscid and insoluble in alcohol.
Morphologically, the taxon is characterized by the presence of a medium to considerably larger pileus with glutinous to viscid surface colored gray-orange to orange white or with paler to white margin; adnate to shallowly adnexed, white, distant lamellae with 2-3 series of lamellulae; globose to subglobose basidiospores measuring 19-25x18-23 [micro]m in diameter; an ixotrichoderm type of pileipellis; well-developed, stalked, pleuro- and cheilocystidia; presence of one- to few-celled caulocystidia with heterogeneous contents; and lignicolous habit.
Whereas the compressed filtrate transferred into a viscid concentrate, it was observable that we create the crude ethanolic extract.
Aspiration reveals clear viscid fluid which was sent for biochemical analysis which revealed high amylase content (Ranging from 7000-10000 units/L).
"too heavy and too viscid blood," rather than "a redundance of black bile"; 2.
Madam companion spots a favourite dish: smoked aubergine; we supported it with the Saganaki, shrimps and feta in a viscid tomato sauce, and added a plate of baby kalamari.
which a liquid or viscid ink is applied before each impression is made.