viscosity index

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viscos′ity in`dex

an arbitrary scale for lubricating oils that indicates the extent of variation in viscosity with variation of temperature.
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These base oils differ from each other in terms of sulfur content, viscosity index, and saturates.
Our best-performing materials show a sufficiently high viscosity index along with much better friction properties than our benchmarks," Cosimbescu added.
Moreover, the high viscosity index is desireble characteristic in industrial biolubricant due to its ability that resistance to oxidation and thermal exposure.
MVI is a global computation and corresponds to a viscosity index at zero shear.
The 400,000 metric tonnes per year plant will produce Group III very high viscosity index lubricant base oil - the raw material for high quality finished lubricants.
The Finnish oil refiner aims to become a leading supplier in the global market for Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) base oil, which it markets and sells under the Nexbase brand.
TVS TRU4 Premium is blended with highly purified water-white, high viscosity index base oils.
Viscosity index (VI) is an important parameter that evaluates the dependence of lubricant viscosity on temperature.
Edward Kresge, a pioneer in EP viscosity index modifiers, polyolefin TPEs and tailored MWD EPDMs, was awarded the 2011 Charles Goodyear Medal from the Rubber Division, ACS, at its Spring Technical meeting.
66 Viscosity index ASTM D-2270 208 193 198 Flash point (opened) IP-35 117 189 225 Flash point (closed) IP-34 84 138 187 Pour point ASTM D-97 9 -12 <-30 TAN IP-177 0.