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1. Subject to inspection or visitation: a hospital that was visitable by state officials.
2. Accessible or open: a wildlife preserve visitable only during the summer months.
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This is a hill fort that existed at the time the Romans were here and it used to be a magnificent site, eminently visitable and well worth the effort to see; a real historical jewel.
Spanish group Acciona Producciones y DiseEo (APD) said it has carried out the technical development and the museographic implantation of the Presidential Palace of Abu Dhabi to turn it into a visitable space destined to highlight the UAE's historical and cultural legacy.
All units are handicap visitable or adaptable and include Energy Star appliances, central air conditioning, emergency call system and intercom entry.
For over 100 years, it has had a reputation of one of the most visitable streets downtown.
As a district activist leader for the National MS Society and chairman of the Montgomery County (Maryland) Commission on People with Disabilities, we have been able to promote both new construction and renovations that include visitable and liveable features, through legislation that provides property tax credits for incorporation of such accessibility features.
Recent projects of include every new Habitat for Humanity home built in Birmingham, Ala., being visitable and a for-profit builder in Atlanta including visitability as a standard feature.
A "visitable" house includes at least one flush entrance.
It will also have a gallery for temporary exhibitions, a visitable warehouse, a storage room and a classroom for teaching children," Acciona Producciones y DiseEo, the Spanish firm that has been selected by the Sultanate to design the museum, said in a statement to the Times of Oman.